What are the flashing lights in the sky over Newcastle?

The sky over Newcastle and beyond will be illuminated even before New Year’s Eve by a dazzling and long-promised laser show.

The long-awaited Laser Light City show lights up the sky around Newcastle over three nights from 30 December

The stunning three-night show – which launches on Thursday ahead of New Year’s Eve and continues until New Year’s Day – had been months in the planning ahead of its expected debut date back in 2020, only to then be canceled due to Covid’s safety concerns.

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Finally, a year later, it will instead make its debut for the New Year, when the city council confirms the laser show despite the planned fireworks being canceled.

Fireworks had been set to make a comeback with a double event in the city on New Year’s Eve, until increasing cases of Omicron prompted a change of opinion over fears that the exhibitions would encourage a build-up of crowds.

There are no such concerns about the planned laser show given its scattered location and the fact is that it will be visible for miles around so there will be no need for people to travel into the city to see it.

What’s more, they’ll even be able to play a role from home by moving the position of the lasers and changing its colors.

Here’s what we can expect from the show and where to keep an eye on it.

A dramatic laser show to light up the Newcastle Civic Center on New Year’s Eve

What is Laser Light City Newcastle?

The inaugural Laser Light City show, scheduled for three nights in 2020 before being canceled, is funded and organized by the district improvement firm NE1 Ltd, working with Newcastle City Council and Bafta award-winning artist Seb Lee-Delisle.

It is an interactive display involving 25 powerful lasers.

When is the laser light show?

It starts around 17.00 each and runs on Thursday 30 December until kl. 23:00 and then New Year’s Eve on 31 December to kl. 01.00. New Year’s Day on 1 January, the screening will last until

How can people get involved in it?

People will be able to move laser light from their smartphones via the Laser Light City website in an interactive experience.

Last year, laser artist Seb Lee-Deslile explained: “Newcastle residents will have the chance to use their phones to move the lasers with a swipe of their fingertips and choose from a range of colors and patterns.

“When else in your life would you have full control over huge sky lasers by using your phone?

“It’s a project specifically designed to work long distances starting with social distance measures in place.”

Where can we see it?

The lasers will be installed at six key locations in Newcastle – Hadrian’s Tower; Civic Center and on the quay at Tyne Bridge, Sage Gateshead, Baltic and Malmaison hotel.

And just look at the sky – the light rays are designed to be visible within a radius of 10 miles from the city center, weather permitting.

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