With Julius Randle out, what will the New York Knicks lineup look like?

New York Knicks

New York Knicks, Julius Randle (Photo by Andy Lyons / Getty Images)

The New York Knicks have now got almost every single one of their players to review COVID protocols.

On Thursday afternoon, it was announced that Julius Randle had entered COVID protocols and as a result will miss some time.

What would the New York Knicks look like without Randle?

Julius Randle’s play has been perhaps the biggest point of criticism this season apart from the play of his teammate, Evan Fournier.

The net ratings have been published at a relentless pace. Randle is consistently in the negative, while his teammates seem to have a more positive rating when on the field without him.

That theory will very well soon be tested, now that he’s going to miss some time.

The New York Knicks have a deep list filled with established starters and young prospects, and it has been difficult to find a balance that pleases the masses.

While Julius seems to stay healthy and refocus, what will this team look like? How can the lineups now change?

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