Year in review: Eight stories that caught readers’ attention in 2021 looks at eight stories that caught our readers’ attention in 2021.

A question about Ottawa encountered two contestants on Jeopardy! in late November.

The Final Jeopardy category was the capitals of the world, and the last track was; “An annual event called Winterlude includes ice skating on the Rideau Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in this city.”

Both participants were stunned. The first, Genesis Whitlock, said Paris. Then said the five-time champion Amy Schneider Amsterdam.

Although the two participants erred in the question, they will not walk away empty-handed. Ottawa Tourism offered the two a trip to Ottawa that is paid for all expanses.

“We want to show them what they may have missed,” Michael Crockatt, president and CEO of Ottawa Tourism, said in a news release.

'Danger!'  participants encountered by Ottawa landmarks

Ottawa Public Health made national headlines at the Super Bowl Sunday with a tweet that sought to illustrate how to view misinformation online.

“What a great Super Bowl! Congratulations (* Bruce, be sure to put the winning team’s name here),” OPH said in a tweet.

Bruce, of course, did not exist. The health unit sent a follow-up thread about spotting misinformation online to make it very clear that the tweet was a joke.

In March, Ottawa took Public Health gag to a new level, revealing that Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds was “Bruce the Intern.”

“Yeah, I tweet occasionally from Ottawa Public Health. Why? Everyone does,” Reynolds says. “About the Super Bowl, in my defense, these days I just have, I’m so busy, okay? So just … so pull back. At the Super Bowl Sunday, I just forgot about it.”

Ottawa Public Health’s unique blend of humor and healthy health advice on Twitter has gained the more than 131,000 followers and recognition far beyond Ottawa.

Reynolds ended the video with a serious tone, reminding people to wash their hands, wear a mask, stay home, get tested and get vaccinated.

Ryan Reynolds as Bruce

A large bison in a zoo in western Quebec escaped unharmed after getting its head stuck in an open window.

The October 11 incident at Parc Omega, near Montebello, Que., Was captured on camera.

“Someone opened the window and … the bison put his head in the car and I was shocked,” Leonardo Heizer said.

Fortunately, staff say the bison were able to free themselves from the vehicle in about ten minutes without harming themselves or the people in the car.

Bison is stuck in the car window

Ashley, the cat, is happy, healthy and living with a new family, months after being found covered in hot tar in Gatineau, Que.

In August, CTV News Ottawa introduced you to Ashley, who was fighting for her life at the time. The cat and its two siblings were found struggling to move in tar.

Sandi Lawson of Adopt Me Cat Rescue said Ashley was tangled in tar and her eyes were glued together.

Tar is toxic to cats.

In October, Joanne and Gerry adopted Drew Ashley and her siblings.

“My heart was broken, I could not imagine,” says Joanne. “And to see her now, it’s just amazing. I hope we have an amazing long life with all three of them.”

The cat Ashley

A Smiths Falls, Ont. businessman gained worldwide attention by posting videos about products on TikTok.

“We wanted something original that showed our personality, so we tried a few things and then started using TikTok,” said Corey McMullan of the McMullan Appliance and Mattress.

“We uploaded them to our other platforms, but they did not get much response,” McMullan said. “We finally saw that the reaction to TikTok was starting to go through the roof, and our phones were starting to ring, and our emails were starting to light up over, really, the world, as far away as Australia and New Zealand.”

The videos include testing the products, like the nickel test to demonstrate how stable a washing machine is.

Corey McMullan

A Blu Ray was returned to a video store in Kingston, Ont. in September, nine years late.

Tom Ivison from Classic Video reviewed the weekly returns when he came across role models in the trash.

“(I) had several piles, I’m working my way through them, and I notice a case in poor condition,” he explains. “I entered the number to return the movie, looked back a minute later, and that was when I saw it.”

Someone had taken Blu Ray out and returned it nine years later.

“I posted it and it was announced on November 2, 2012,” laughs Ivison. “I saw it; I took a picture of it. I sent the picture to my colleague and said you will not believe this, it’s nine years late.”

The late fees came to $ 2,757, but Classic Video has waived all delay fees during the pandemic.

Kingston late video

A Quebec judge this summer ruled that a multi-million dollar house in Aylmer should be demolished because it was built too closed to the street.

The nearly $ 3 million home on 79 Chemistry Fraser was built seven feet from the street instead of a minimum of 15.67 feet. Residents nearby, who are opposed to the construction of the home, say it does not fit with the rest of the neighborhood.

The city gave homeowner Patrick Molla all the necessary building permits in 2013. He believed the plans complied with municipal rules since the city approved them.

The city later found out that the plans were approved due to ‘human error’, as the planning officer who provided them did not know the relevant bylaws. To correct the mistake, in July 2014, the city council granted a minor dispensation to allow the home to be closer to the street.

The judge’s decision overturned that exception.

Fraser Road 79

A teenager from Ottawa created her prom dress entirely from duct tape.

Duck Brand duct tape launched the ‘Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest’, which gives high school students the chance to win $ 10,000 by making a tuxedo or dress made entirely of duct tape.

“I worked for about 143 hours. Some days I worked five hours, other days one or two,” said Erika Avellaneda. “It was a tough process. A lot to sit and work, but it was worth it. ”

The dress is made of duct tape to a value of approx. $ 100, 17 rolls, and it weighs about six pounds.

Erika says that the styles and colors of ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt inspired her.

Erika Avellaneda dress with duct tape


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