Thu. May 26th, 2022

A Victorian man has warned people to double-check their Covid-19 rapid antigen test after revealing that his own positive result was barely visible.

The anonymous man who runs the Facebook page Covid Pete posted a photo online showing his RAT result.

“Thought I would share my original rat test with you all,” he wrote to more than 189,000 people who follow the site.

“When I started getting symptoms and others around me started testing positive with their RAT test, I decided to do mine.

“As you can see, my second line is very weak. You have to take the second weak line as a positive test.

“It was confirmed a few days later that I was positive via PCR.

“So if you see the faintest streaks, pay attention and be careful with your surroundings.”

A man has warned people to double check their fast antigen test result.  Facebook via NCA NewsWire
Camera iconA man has warned people to double check their fast antigen test result. Facebook via NCA NewsWire Credit: Delivered

The post has attracted thousands of reactions, including one person writing: “I had the opposite. I had a faint line and mine came back negative. I’m very lucky. But best to be safe.”

Another person commented, “My partner had three RAT tests, all negative and then PCR positive.”

The National Cabinet will meet later on Wednesday to discuss making rapid antigen testing affordable.

It is understood that Prime Minister Scott Morrison will propose direct cash distributions to employees and low incomes.

They will get up to five quick antigen tests, paid for through the same mechanism as the Covid disaster payment.

NCA NewsWire also understands that Mr. Morrison will offer additional tests to state-run test clinics, which they can distribute free of charge to people who suffer from symptoms or who are considered close contacts.

It comes as demand has risen sharply after rapid antigen testing, with many pharmacies and supermarkets sold out.

Sir. Morrison previously said he would not do the tests for free to avoid undercutting the private market – a move that triggered social media setbacks.


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