Thu. May 26th, 2022

Australian Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has tested positive for COVID-19.

“Like thousands of Australians, I tested positive today for COVID-19,” Mr Frydenberg tweeted Friday night.

“I have the common symptoms and isolate myself with my family.

“My thoughts go out to all those who have COVID – it’s a difficult time, but we’ll get through this.”

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It is not known which COVID-19 variant Mr Frydenberg has.

In response to Mr Frydenberg’s tweet, Shadow Treasurer Jim Chalmers said he was sorry to hear about the positive test and he wished the cashier all the best.

“All the best for a speedy recovery,” Mr Chalmers said.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg in December.
Treasurer Josh Frydenberg isolates himself after being tested positive for COVID. Credit: AAP

Sir. However, Frydenberg is not the first federal politician to have tested positive for the virus.

Secretary of Defense Peter Dutton tested positive last year after a visit to the United States, while Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce tested positive last month, again after a visit to the United States.

Friday was another record day for case numbers with more than 78,000 reported in Australia along with 17 deaths.

– with AAP


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