Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

Australian batsman Travis Head is available for the fifth and final Ashes Test as voters weigh their options before a difficult call in the coming days.

The South Australian was excluded from the SCG test after testing positive for COVID-19, which opened the door for Usman Khawaja to bet on his claim.

The Bulls captain did not push himself as much as through the door who kicked it down and scored centuries in both innings.

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Now Australia face a tough call, and three options: Bring Head straight back to Khawaja, keep the team as it was in Sydney, or get Marcus Harris to make room and move Khawaja up the order.

“I’ll start by saying I’m not a picker, but when someone comes out and beats two hundred, it’s pretty hard to go past them the week after,” captain Pat Cummins said after Sunday’s match.

“So we will work through it, the voters will work through it the next few days.”

The main reward was the voters’ faith in him with a sparkling 152 at Gabba, before the scores of 18 and 51 in Adelaide and 27 at MCG.

“I have been happy with the way I have played, I think I have read the terms well and summed up the terms and the situation of the match well,” he said.

“I have no illusion that the boys at the top of the order have done a great job.”

The 28-year-old, who had been training back for the past few days, said he was asymptomatic and feeling well. He was also full of praise for his replacement.

“We will wait and see,” he said as to whether he expected to go straight back to the team.

“I think he is [Khawaja] played beautifully.

“I think that’s the beauty of the whole squad. We celebrate each other’s success, we love each other’s success. We’re currently ahead 3-0, we’ve played a fantastic week again.

“There will be some difficult decisions, the talks have not been made,” Head said.

Having a surplus of hot bats is a good problem to have – and while Harris has struggled at times, Head was quick to point out his key role during the Boxing Day Test.

“He was fantastic in Melbourne, played a big part in us winning a match, his attitude has not changed.”

Head praised Harris’ energy and character among the group.

“He is himself and he has not changed that – he will be disappointed that he did not get a race in this match,” said Head.

“I felt like he lined up well and played beautifully and put a really good platform, him and Davey as a partnership.”

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