Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Plans to tear down the former TJ Hughes store to pave the way for Oldham’s new market have been submitted.

The council bought Spindles Town Square Shopping Center in November 2020 for $ 9.5 million. GBP and then bought the lease from the Topman store unit for an additional GBP 300,000.

Managers have now applied for pre-approval to topple the vacant TJ Hughes discount store, which faces Parliament Square, ahead of submitting the full plans for the relocated Tommyfield Market.

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According to business plans adopted by the Cabinet in July, Tommyfield Market will move from its existing location on Henshaw Street to a room in Spindles.

The new market will stretch from Town Square through the former TJ Hughes Unit and stretch into Parliament Square.

Managers say the space will be ‘completely redeveloped’ to provide a ‘purpose-built’ new market.

It will include a retail market, which is accessible from inside the mall at the mall level, and on the ground floor connected to Parliament Square, a new food hall with food and drink from Tommyfield dealers is proposed.

Above the new market hall, the authority proposes to make a larger event venue in two levels, which will be used for private and public events.

Documents submitted with the demolition application on behalf of City Hall state: “Changes in the way people shop and demands from retailers have led to a number of vacant units in Spindles Shopping Center, including the former TJ Hughes premises.

“To make the best use of the space, it is proposed to move the municipal offices and Tommyfield Market to rebuilt areas in the center.”

The former TJ Hughes unit in Spindles

To make Spindles Shopping Center a ‘downtown destination’, executives say they are proposing to tear down the TJ Hughes store and replace it with a newly built extension that will have an entrance facing Parliament Square.

The application for prior approval for demolition will allow construction to begin in the first quarter of this year.

The purchasing unit will be torn down back to the original building screen, made weatherproof and then surrounded by construction hamsters.

If approved, demolition will begin in March and be completed in July.

The wider redevelopment of Spindles would begin on-site in July, subject to the approval of the full planning application for the mall.


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