Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

News 12 meteorologists say temperatures will be cold today ahead of a storm Sunday night through Monday.

A large-scale storm will move up the east coast, with a trail inland, which will produce a short snow / mix that shifts to all rain for NYC. Windy weather is a significant danger for this storm with gusts of up to 50+ mph – especially off the coast. Moderate coastal flooding is also likely for the most exposed low-lying areas. High tide times would have to adapt to the worst storm for major impacts

TODAY: Partly cloudy, cold and windy. The altitude reaches 21, and feels bitterly cold with wind cold at single digits all day long. Lower drops to close to 11, and feels like below zero again.

TOMORROW – STORM SE PM: A cold awakening, but rapid recovery in the afternoon, to a height of 35. Snow / sleet arrives around kl. 19.00 and quickly changes to rain. The wind rises overnight to 20-30 mph with gusts close to 50+ mph likely. Lower around 32 in the evening, rising to the 40s overnight.


o SNOW: Possibility of tracking / coating before switching.

o RAIN: 1-2 “rain

o COASTAL FLOODS: Moderate impact on the most exposed coastal areas due to full moon and onshore winds from S / Ø.

BRONX: Edgewater Park, City Island

BROOKLYN: Sheepshead Bay, Bergen Beach / Marine Park, Canary / Spring Creek

o WIN: Scattered power outages are expected. Some felled trees and tree limbs are also likely. The wind starts out of ØN at 20-40 mph, facing SE with gusts near 50+ mph after midnight. The wind will decrease somewhat in the morning, gusts will remain 20-40 mph through the afternoon out of NW.

WHEN: The most stable / heaviest rainfall is concentrated in a 12-hour window from kl. 19:00 to

o ~ 19:00: Arriving as snow OR wintery mix. Little or no accumulation.

o ~ 21:00: Switches to ALL RAIN.

o ACCOMMODATION: Pockets with torrential rain, strong wind.

o ~ 7:00: Dry air moves in; constant rain is happening. Light scattered showers, but still windy.

o EARLY AFTERNOON: lingering drops / flakes end, remain windy.

MONDAY – STORM SE KL: Heavy rain decreases with kl. 7 in the morning, with light sprinkles / showers possible through the early afternoon. Elevations near 47 early, declining through the 30s during the afternoon. Remains windy with gusts of more than 40 km / h. Lower falls drop to 27 and winds decrease overnight.

TUESDAY: Cold but mostly sunny. Highlights close to 35. Lowest levels close to 26.

WEDNESDAY: Scattered showers / thunderstorms possible in the evening with a gentle, fast-moving Alberta mower. Highs close to 40. Lowest levels close to 29.

THURSDAY: Windy and getting colder. Mixture of sun and clouds. Highs close to 35, lowest drop to close to 18.

FRIDAY SATURDAY: Partly cloudy and cold. There is a coastal storm we are tracking, which is currently modeled offshore. There is some potential for impact, plenty of time to track. Highs in the mid-30s, lows in the mid-20s.

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