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15 January 2022, 07:12 | Updated: January 15, 2022, 07:35

Boris Johnson has reportedly launched

Boris Johnson has reportedly launched “Operation Save Big Dog”.

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Boris Johnson is set to repeal Plan B measures as he launches an operation to save his job – called “Save the Big Dog”, according to reports.

The Prime Minister is fighting to keep the keys to No. 10 after rage over a constant stream of “partygate” accusations.

His office has had to apologize to the Queen for an event held on the eve of Prince Philips’ funeral, which the monarch attended solely under the Covid rules, and he apologized to MPs for attending a Downing Street garden event in May 2020, during shutdown.

He has insisted he thought it was a job – but his apologies did little to calm the opposition, with the Scottish Tories joining Labor and urging him to leave before a group taunted him outside Downing Street, dressed in Boris Johnson masks and partying, as they called it is a work event.

Now the prime minister has reportedly launched what he calls “Operation Save Big Dog”, which will find out who is going to lose their jobs after Sue Gray’s investigation into government employee parties under Covid restrictions is completed.

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It will also underscore what Mr Johnson has achieved in his time as Prime Minister, the Independent said.

Supporting ministers will stand in line to conduct interviews in support of Mr Johnson, it is claimed.

It should come as Plan B is rolled back. It is believed that Covid passports and guidance on working from home will be reversed in the UK, but some rules on face masks may still remain.

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Modeling for Sage, the government’s advisory body, suggests that Plan B changes will not greatly affect the number of people going to hospital.

“Save Big Dog” would take effect after another violent week for Mr Johnson.

New claims about “wine time Fridays” have surfaced, despite Covid measures being in place, while a picture has emerged of a refrigerator being delivered to the back door of No10 in December 2020.

The Mirror said helpers in turn would visit a Tesco Metro in Westminster to fill the fridge with 34 bottles.

The Telegraph claimed that about 20 letters of no confidence had been sent to the Tory background group, the 1922 Committee, less than the 54 required.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister’s official spokesman spoke about the apology to Buckingham Palace after outrage at a party that took place a few hours before Philips Covid’s limited funeral: “It is deeply regrettable that this took place at a time of national mourning, and No10 has apologized opposite the palace, “he said.

“You have heard from the Prime Minister this week that he has acknowledged that No10 must be kept to the highest standards and take responsibility for the things we did not get right.

“We have apologized to the palace.”


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