Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

Recently, NVIDIA Shield TVs started receiving an update for Android 11. This brought a host of new features and improvements, even to models from quite a few years ago.

However, it seems that the first rollout of the update is not going as well as the company expected. According to several reports, many users face issues after updating (1, 2, 3, 4).

Among the issues that Android 11 brought to NVIDIA Shield TV devices are Plex server disabled, several apps not working properly, and broken Android TV-Home Assistant integration / CEC feature.

NVIDIA Shield TV Plex and other apps are corrupted on Android 11

The Android 11 update for NVIDIA Shield TV caused the disappearance of the Plex server for many. The app settings page is now empty for affected users.

Shield experience 9 upgrade, server disappeared

So just got the upgrade to shield experience 9 and my plex media server is ‘gone’

When I go to the settings page for the plex app, the section for the plex server is empty (no options to start or stop the server or the storage setting)

Have tried several reboots and are open to suggestions.

In some cases, users can still use the Plex server but lose features like HDR10. This causes the image quality of the content to deteriorate.


Plex is not the only service affected. According to reports, there are other apps that are not working properly on NVIDIA Shield TV after Android 11 update.


At the moment, the Plex team is already aware of the problem. The company is asking users for more feedback to investigate the situation more thoroughly.


The possible cause of the problem, potential solution

Apparently the problem is in the new permission system in Android 11. It does not allow apps to access the folder ‘Android / data’ without authorization. Many Android TV apps are not adapted to the new system.

That being said, there is a potential solution that can help solve the problem. The process is explained below:

To manually allow file permissions for these apps, go to Settings -> Apps -> [File management app] -> Permissions and enable “Files and media” access for the app. If you see permission options for “Allow while using this app” and “Allow all the time”, select “Allow all the time”.

Android TV-Home Assistant integration and CEC also broken

The update to Android 11 reportedly also broke the integration between Android TV and Home Assistant. And the CEC function stopped working properly.

PSA: New ShieldTV update that goes live today, updates for Android11, which breaks the android_tv integration.

If you use ShieldTV with home assistant integration, today there is a new update for Android 11, which according to the developer documents does not work with HA (and has not worked for several months, so not sure if / when it will be fixed).

Just something to be careful with as I do not know how easy or if at all possible it is to downgrade.


At present, there does not appear to be a solution that can help mitigate or resolve these recent issues. So affected users can only wait for official statements in this regard.

When new developments arise related to all the issues described, we will update this article. In the meantime, you can check the error / problem tracking dedicated to NVIDIA Shield TV.

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