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Robinson grabs the back of the thigh in Melbourne.

Robinson grabs the back of the thigh in Melbourne. Credit:Getty

With Robinson absent, captain Joe Root was forced to run 10 overs of off-spin under ideal stitching conditions.

English bowling coach Jon Lewis was as sweet as he could be when he talked about Robinson after stump the first night.

“[Robinson’s fitness] is something he is definitely looking at and we are working on it with him, ”Lewis said.

“It’s something he will need if he is to perform consistently over a long period at this level, he will have to be a fitter bowler. It’s 100 per cent. We’ve had those conversations with him and been pretty honest about it. for him, and now it’s up to him to go and do the work.

“He has a record for playing many matches in county cricket. But international cricket is a higher intensity and you play all year round. So he has to get used to understanding what it takes to be a full-time international cricketer all year round. round.

“So far he has been okay. But we play a lot of cricket, and training and playing at the same time is not always straightforward. It’s something [Robinson’s] learning. He will have to learn to take better care of himself than he does at the moment. “

Which begs the question, how can a seven-season county player be in such bad shape to represent their country, especially after a home summer in the test set-up?

If this is the best England’s first-class and international systems can handle, it’s so strange that so many of their players look so inadequate.

Big and strong with a high action, his infallible accuracy and unique nail position can make him a real handful on helpful pitches that the Australians have found this summer.


But even though he may look like a test cricketer, he struggles to play as one.

The start of a new spell will include liquid half-salvos or long jumps, which are easy choices that automatically release the pressure, and he struggles to return to important spells late in the day.

Robinson’s fitness has been a concern for some time, prompting England to rest him during their final Test in Sydney after he quickly slowed down during the Boxing Day Test.

“In these series we play now, with the times we are in, everything is really shattered together,” Lewis explained. “So there is not much rest and recovery between fights. So that’s something he’ll have to deal with.”

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