Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

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The Parliament House, which is proud of Capital Hill, had not yet been built on this day in 1981, when The Canberra Times reported that work on the new building was to begin the following week. This would only be the beginning of a seven-year $ 220 million construction plan to build the building. The first major contract for the work on the project was announced by the Minister for the Capital Region, Mr Hodgman. He said the contract, which was expected to be completed in 41 weeks, was primarily for excavation and relocation of material at the site to create a platform for the new building. The work was initially to start before Christmas, but after there had been several delays in the rental of tenders, the Danish Parliament’s Building Authority called for fresh tenders on 2 December and announced that they had not received acceptable tenders. The authority and project architect, Richard Thorp, made the decision to raise the foot of the building by 2.5 meters, which requires a change in the amount of land to be moved in the contract. It was understood that this decision would save up to $ 1 million in the cost of earthworks alone. See


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