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Prince Andrew fears £ 2 million in legal bills from his civil sex abuse case and a potential £ 10million payout to prosecutor Virginia Guiffre will ruin him.

The Duke of York counts the cost of being banished from the royal family after the Queen deprived him of military titles and his remaining royal patronages.

He has been left to fight allegations of sexual assault as a private citizen after his mother, with the advice of future kings, Princes Charles and William, banished him from royal life forever.

Andrew, who has always denied the allegations, is believed to have taken the time to lament his financial situation and tell his closest confidants that he fears being left insolvent as well as an outcast from his family.

Prince Andrew is being driven by two detectives as he leaves the Royal Lodge
Prince Andrew is being driven by two detectives as he leaves the Royal Lodge

A royal source said: “Until very recently, it seems that the absolute scope and consequences of this case are [Andrew] faces have not hit him.

“Now the bills are rising, and the possibility of a settlement – or worse, a verdict against him – is being much discussed, he fears complete financial ruin.”

It is understood that the Queen and her heirs decided to remove Andrew after becoming “furious” over the crisis in her platinum anniversary year.

A source suggested that senior royals believed the duke had “run out of the way” after a New York judge rejected his latest bid to stop a full-blown civil trial.

Prince Charles yesterday refused to acknowledge a journalist’s question about his brother’s “situation” during a visit to Haddo Country Park in Ellon, Aberdeenshire.

Prince Charles declined to comment during a visit to Ellon in Aberdeenshire
Prince Charles declined to comment during a visit to Ellon in Aberdeenshire

It can be revealed that Andrew was locked in talks with his legal teams in the UK and US yesterday as they waited for Guifre’s team to respond to a deadline at. 18 about her living conditions.

The duke’s lawyers say his case cannot be dealt with under U.S. federal law, arguing that at least one party in a civil lawsuit must be domiciled in the country.

Giuffre, 38, who claims Andrew had sex with her on three occasions when she was 17, has lived in Australia since 2002.

Andrew’s economy has always been shrouded in mystery, but he seems to be living like a millionaire.

Previously, he received around £ 20,000 a year from his naval pension and an annual allowance of £ 250,000 as a senior working royal.

In 2007, he sold his marital home Sunningdale Park in Berkshire, a gift from the Queen when he married Sarah Ferguson, for £ 15 million.

Fergie is believed to have received up to £ 3 million when they divorced, but that was said to include £ 500,000 from the Queen, £ 1.4 million for Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie and £ 350,000 in cash.

Despite rushing to complete the sale of a £ 17 million Swiss lodge, Andrews’ debt has been exacerbated by a £ 6 million payment to a French socialist from whom he bought the Alpine mansion in 2014, and legal fees of at least 2 million pounds.

Legal experts believe Andrew may have to pay as much as £ 10 million to Giuffre to prevent the case from going to court.

Media lawyer Mark Stephens said: “Andrew has to settle. His position is bad, he is done with reputation. The only thing he can do is throw himself over the grenade and take the fight for the family.”

The royal source added: “Andrew believed, and was actually informed, that it would all disappear with time and [this situation] has happened, leaving him a battle uphill to save himself every bit of his reputation.

“There is a very real prospect that he is completely crushed.”

It is understood that the Queen “would not help” her son pay a settlement due to the alleged damage to the reputation of the Crown.

Sources close to the duke claimed last night that he would “continue to fight to clear his name”, despite his family being cut to pieces.

It can be revealed that he was only given two hours notice to attend a face-to-face meeting with the Queen at noon on Thursday.

Sources close to the duke revealed that he was “fully aware of what was going to happen” and stayed with his mother for only half an hour to
get to know that he was deprived of all military associations and patronage.

A bomb statement was issued at. 5pm, and Buckingham Palace have not commented further.

Sources have confirmed that Andrew would not lose his security, suggesting the queen would pay his £ 300,000 annual bill if left black.

It would likely cause further friction in the family after Prince Harry and wife Meghan were asked to pay for their own security when they left their royal roles.

A spokesman for the Duke of York did not comment.

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