Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022

The Internet has not taken hostages following an ad for a Rose Bay studio rental that caused outrage over its poor condition and exorbitant rent.

The study list, which was shown on Domain, which has since been removed, said the grandmother’s apartment in the affluent suburb was “very private” and in a “prestigious location with electricity and water charges included in the rent”.

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The Rose Bay listing boasting the property was 'very private' and in a 'prestige location'.
The Rose Bay listing boasting the property was ‘very private’ and in a ‘prestige location’. Credit: Domain / Reddit

The property description boasted that the home contained a deck, located close to Rose Bay’s shops and cafes, located on a small block of land and has a “good sized bathroom”.

Pictures of the property, however, show a different story, with a shabby interior and a small bathroom with a scattered outdoor area.

The price for the small rental was originally $ 280 per person. week, but was reduced to $ 230 per week. week.

The ad boasted of a 'bathroom in good size'.
The ad boasted of a ‘bathroom in good size’. Credit: Reddit / domain

Reddit users slammed the property list based on its condition and prices, with one user claiming “the whole place looks like it’s being held together by a bit of masking tape and some old nails”. They described the ad as “bold”.

“Remember in the ’90s, when a child living under the stairs was a sign of a terrible situation. Welcome to Sydney in 2022!” said another user who posted the link.

Another Reddit user said the owners “took p ***” and claimed they had to be paid to live in such a property.

The price of the Rose Bay studio seemed to have dropped to $ 230 a week.
The price of the Rose Bay studio seemed to have dropped to $ 230 a week. Credit: Domain / Reddit

Other users pointed out the studio’s proximity to the neighbor’s pool and questioned whether the home was a converted pool house.

Commentators on the platform also accused the ad photographer of distorting the appearance of the studio by “really trying to work with that wide-angle lens”.

“I’m just amazed that someone would actually advertise these pictures and ask for money,” wrote one Reddit user.

“Where is the feeling of shame? Or even a half-baked attempt to show something appealing?”

Another user added: “I think they have more space in prison”.

A Reddit user said
A Reddit user said “they have more space in jail”. Credit: Domain / Reddit


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