Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

PUBG: Battlegrounds Developer targets Apple, Google and others

Krafton, the developer of PUBG: Battlegrounds, is suing Apple, Google, YouTube and Garena. Garena is the developer of the mobile games Free Fire and Free Fire Max, which Krafton claims infringe their copyright.

Krafton apparently reached out to Garena last month, asking them to stop developing these games, but the mobile gaming company refused. So the PUBG developer decided to escalate the situation and take them to court.


In addition, Krafton has also named Apple and Gogle in the lawsuit. They claim that the two technology giants are complicit in this copyright infringement, having done nothing to deter developers from tearing down established titles. YouTube is directly named, as well as hosting a series of Free Fire gameplay videos promoting the games.

While it’s no secret that these mobile stores are filled with cheap deals, Krafton specifically calls this developer. The company’s two games are free to play, but have microtransactions. So Krafton claims that these have earned Garena hundreds of millions of dollars. The problem here is that Apple and Google are getting a cut in their mobile store revenue. Therefore, they profit directly from Garena’s violation.

As for the games themselves, they are very clearly similar to PUBG. They share similar aesthetics and gameplay. In addition, Garena’s games even ripped off PUBG’s use of frying pans as melee weapons and armor.

It will be interesting to see how this lawsuit unfolds. And if it will have a bigger impact on the state of mobile gaming and mobile software stores in the future. Tell us your thoughts on the situation in the comments below.


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