Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022

Qantas’ flagship QF1 flight from Sydney to London via Singapore will resume on March 27, 2022, with the Airbus A380 to return to the Kangaroo route almost 12 weeks later, on June 19.

This is another welcome sign that travel is returning to normal, and that scene is expected to include the reopening of the elegant Qantas Singapore First Lounge, which has been closed since March 2020 – even though Qantas Singapore Business Lounge closed its doors up in December 2020.

Qantas' Singapore lounges: business class (left) and first class (right).

Qantas’ Singapore lounges: business class (left) and first class (right).

Since November 1, the Sydney-London service has run on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner and made the necessary stopover in Darwin (where Qantas to facilitate top transit transformed Darwin Airport’s Catalina Lounge into a temporary international lounge).

Ready for more good news? When the Airbus A380 takes over from the Boeing 787 on June 19, it will be one of those upgraded superjumboer, which has the latest business class and premium economy seats, along with two new ‘premium lounges’ at the front on the upper deck and refreshed premium suites.

Qantas superjumbos have been refreshed with new business class suites and lounge areas on the upper deck.

Qantas superjumboers have been refreshed with new business class suites and lounge areas on the upper deck.

Both will be especially appreciated on the almost 24-hour ride, compared to the original A380 business class Skybed seats and the single, narrow and not very comfortable ‘lounge’ area.

But if you sit on a crowd of Qantas points piled up during the pandemic, the return of the superjumbo undoubtedly also represents your best chance ever to catch a first class Classic Flight Reward seat.

Treat yourself (and a friend) to first-class Qantas A380 from just 216,900 points.

Treat yourself (and a friend) to first-class Qantas A380 from just 216,900 points.

If you plan ahead and are flexible with your travel dates, it is possible to find many Qantas First Suites that are open for a points-based Classic Flight Reward reservation for only 216,900 Qantas Points each way, setting a Sydney-London first-class return trip in your turn for about 433,000 points.

Qantas Loyalty CEO Olivia Wirth has also teased the possibility that the first London-driven A380s will become ‘Points Planes’, where every the seat is for sale at the lowest Classic Reward prices.

Past Points Plane flights have proven to be incredibly popular among the airline’s frequent flyers, while at the same time helping them burn through a mountain of loyalty points built up during the pandemic.

(At the time of writing, Qantas’ schedule does not only allow booking the Sydney-Singapore portion of QF1 – if you are heading to Lion City, the only directly available Qantas flight from Sydney is the daily QF81.)

London will be the second destination for the red-tailed superjumbo after it took wing on the Sydney-Los Angeles route on 11 January.

Although the airline put its double-decker aircraft to sleep in California’s Mojave Desert in the early days of the pandemic, with the expectation that they would not be back until 2023-2024, a wave of reservations as Australia’s borders reopen without quarantine for fully vaccinated flyers has given a shot to the arm for the superjumbo’s prospects.

Qantas now plans to have six A380s in its Sydney hangars by the end of this year, with four more due to return to service in early 2024 – although the airline says two of the 12-strong superjumbo fleet will be retired, “because they become profits to the requirements.”

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