Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

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The Joint Australian Tsunami Warning Center has issued a tsunami alert for Illawarra and the entire NSW coast following an underwater volcanic eruption near Tonga. By issuing the warning of sea threats, the center – run by the Bureau of Meteorology and Geoscience Australia – says dangerous rifts, waves, strong ocean currents and local overflows on the immediate foreshore are possible for several hours from 1 p.m. 20.45. There is no threat of land flooding, but people are advised to move away from the water’s edge along beaches, marinas, coastal estuaries, harbors and rock platforms. Both in ports, estuaries or shallow coastal waters should return to shore, while vessels already at sea should stay offshore in waters at least 25 meters deep. People are advised not to go to the beach because of the risk of dangerous, local floods. Meanwhile, SES has ordered the evacuation of low-lying parts of Lord Howe Island, and people on Norfolk Island are being urged to evacuate to higher ground due to the threat of major land floods. The Illawarra Mercury newsroom is funded by our readers. You can subscribe to support our journalism here. Sign up for the latest news emails below …



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