Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

Riot Games’ very own shooting game, Valorant, has been a massive hit since its release in June 2020, and has averaged over 13 million players each month. Over time, this number also increases as new players learn more about the game and how it provides unique content with each update.

Like all other competing shooter game series, Rio’s shooter game also fills a small space and has grown as new aspects keep popping up with each and every update.

Size recorded by Valorant according to section 4 Act 1

As for the last update, the game occupied about 20.3 GB at the end of Episode 3 Act 3 and has seen some changes with the new one. Currently the entire title sizes up to approx 21 GB and has seen an approximate increase of 700 MB since the last update.

The latest patch saw the addition of a new agent, Neon, which will join the other agents. Not only that, but the game also made a few changes to its already existing cards, especially with Icebox, along with the addition of new skins that have also taken up a bit of storage space.

With each update, the title also appears to see an approximate increase of one gigabyte. So if a new agent or card arrives with the following law, it may be that the size of the game will increase significantly.

That story comes later, however, as there is no news of Rio’s next move. Either way, Valorant’s size will naturally increase, as games always require extra space every time there is a new patch, which is mandatory to keep things running.


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