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Monster Hunter Rise has plenty of materials that players can collect, including the eroded skeleton needed for various items. Like any title in the Monster Hunter series, players must cross different areas to find the materials they need.

Although Eroded Skeleton cannot be found as soon as users start the game, it is certainly available in the Low Rank section of maps. So they do not have to go too far in the game, but players will have to go far enough to unlock Sandy Plains. The desert-like biome will have the eroded materials required to make.

Getting the skeleton eroded in the sandy plains of Monster Hunter Rise

When players reach the Sandy Plains, they will notice that the area is supposed to appear as a kind of desolate wasteland. Both monsters and materials must survive through the climate, creating the eroded skeleton found everywhere on the map.

Although the name may be different from other bone materials in the game, it is pretty much the same. All bone material in the Monster Hunter Rise, including the eroded skeleton, is marked with a monster bone logo with a question mark in the center.

Each time they are found on a map like Sandy Plains, these materials can be collected and resumed every 4-5. minute.

Eroded skeletal locations in Sandy Plains

  • Area 1 – Southwestern part of area 1 surrounded by rocks.
  • Area 4 – East of this section towards the edge of the map.
  • Area 8 – Above the cursor, the edge of the stony part of 8.
  • Area 8/5 – This is underground; one pile lies directly to the east, the other is on top of a cliff near the entrance.
  • Area 9 – Go straight towards the area 9 cursor.
  • Area 12 – In the ruins, north of the stretch.
  • Area 12 (Underground) – Two piles are located here, also within the ruins.
Sandy Plains Has Lots Of Dangers (Image via Capcom)
Sandy Plains Has Lots Of Dangers (Image via Capcom)

Keep in mind that some respawn timers can be cut down using Raisin d’etre Dango. This item will allow the resume times to go up to three minutes, saving players a few minutes when going to the farm for material in Monster Hunter Rise.

Once enough skeleton is assembled in Sandy Plains, users can take their material and make more equipment.


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