Thu. May 26th, 2022

Boris Johnson has reportedly been questioned by a senior official over allegations of violating the No. 10 rule.

The Daily Telegraph said Boris Johnson “is understood to have shared what he knows” with Sue Gray prior to the publication of her investigation this week in allegations of lockdown violations in Downing Street.

What parties are alleged to have taken place in Whitehall and Downing Street during the lockdown?

It comes as The Mirror claims that Mr Johnson attended a departure before Christmas 2020 for his defense adviser, Captain Steve Higham, where he reportedly gave a speech.

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“The PM was too busy defending his rule,” said Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer

The latest allegation comes as Ms. Gray takes a closer look at several possible events, including a “bring your own booze” garden party during the first coronavirus lockdown, which Mr Johnson has admitted to attending, but insisted he understood , that it was a “work event”.

Is a No. 10 culture change possible while Boris Johnson becomes prime minister?

Newspaper reports have suggested that Mr Johnson could revise his top team, including firing Primary Secretary Martin Reynolds – who sent an email to staff inviting them to enjoy the good weather in the 10th Garden in May 2020, as part of a trait supposedly called Operation: Save the Big Dog.

Johnson’s plan also includes announcing that the military will be set to prevent small boats from crossing the canal, as the prime minister appears to be pushing “populist” policies, according to The Times.

The newspaper said a change under consideration could result in asylum seekers being treated in Ghana or Rwanda.

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How to replace a Tory PM

Other potential political announcements include the freezing of the BBC’s license fee for two years with Culture Minister Nadine Dorries indicated that the license fee could be scrapped altogether.

It comes as Mr Johnson’s sister, journalist and LBC host Rachel Johnson, told her listeners on Sunday that he was “fully compliant” with the COVID rules when they met under restrictions.

She discussed the BYOB event on May 20, 2020 and said, “In my opinion, if he went out into the garden and he has told us he did, it would have been work for him.”

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On Sunday, a sixth backbencher, Tim Loughton, demanded the Prime Minister resign because of the “terminal damage” that the revelations have done to his reputation.

Other Tory MPs, such as former party leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith, said it was up to Mrs Gray to decide what Mr Johnson knew about possible breaches of the COVID rules in number 10.

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