Mon. May 23rd, 2022

A thick blanket of fog has covered Manchester this evening as the Met Office has issued a yellow weather forecast.

The warning was issued earlier today, January 17, as fog is expected to cover most of the UK and potentially cause travel chaos.

Pictures shared with Manchester Evening News show the dense fog over the city this evening.

Cars and street lights seem nothing but a dull haze this evening as they are masked by the thick fog.

IN PHOTOS: Fog blanket covers Greater Manchester

Temperatures are set to drop to close to 0C overnight in many areas, including Manchester, which can lead to icy roads and cause the fog to freeze.

The warning is in place from 7pm Monday to noon Tuesday (tomorrow) and extends from the south of Scarborough to the east of Manchester in the north.

The foggy conditions are set to cause poor visibility on the roads throughout the region tonight and early tomorrow.

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Fog covers Greater Manchester

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