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Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott made disgraceful comments in support of referee abuse after a chaotic end to their NFL loss to San Francisco.

Prescott was at the center of a controversial finish in which his Cowboys lost 23-17 to the 49ers

Initially, Prescott was informed that fans had thrown the garbage at him and his teammates.

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“No, I did not see it … it’s sad,” he told the media after the match.

“You’re talking about a team that comes out every single day of their lives and gives everything to this sport, gives everything to this football game.

“I understand fans … the word ‘fan’ for fanatic, I understand that. But to know everything we put into this, day in and day out, try our best, no one comes into the fight and expects to lose.”

But a journalist then suggested that the fans were aiming for the referees of the match, not the players.

“Good credit to them (the fans), so. Credit to them,” Prescott said, supporting the abuse of judges.

“If the fans felt the same way as us, and that’s what they’re doing it for, then I guess that’s why the judges were relieved and got out of there so quickly.

“I think everyone’s sad about the way this was going.

Kyle Shanahan walked onto the pitch with an emphatic nod, believing his San Francisco 49ers had beaten the Dallas Cowboys in a chaotic wildcard finish that left many unsure of what was happening.

The official bid came shortly afterwards.

Deebo Samuel ran 26 yards for a touchdown for a comfortable third-quarter lead before the Cowboys rallied and ran out of time trying to get one last game in the 49ers’ 23-17 victory on Monday (AEDT).

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“I’m still trying to figure out where I am,” Shanahan said after coaching San Francisco’s first playoff victory in Dallas in a grand post-season rivalry.

“It’s pretty emotional out there. Lots of chances to win the match. The guys (Cowboys) just kept fighting. We made a few mistakes there in the end. We should not have let it get there.”

The 49ers (11-7) overcame an interception by Jimmy Garoppolo as they led by 13 in the fourth quarter and are now heading for a division playoff next Saturday night in Green Bay two years after reaching the Super Bowl and losing to Kansas City.

The wait in Dallas (12-6) to reach even an NFC championship game will tick up to 27 years after another flame out in the first game of the preseason for Prescott, the second in three rounds over six seasons for the star quarterback. It was his first playoff game since signing a $ 40 million-a-year contract in the offseason.

Prescott ran after a touchdown to get Dallas within a goal following Garoppolo’s interception, and he had plenty of time to get his team ahead for the first time on a drive that ended near midfield. His desperation fourth down-pass was just out of receiver Cedrick Wilson’s reach.

A 14th penalty from the NFL’s most penalized team in the regular season helped San Francisco run out most of the clock, and the 49ers intended to go after the victory on the fourth down when a run from Samuel ended short – inches after the ball was moved up by notification.

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Instead, San Francisco scored after a false start, giving Dallas one more chance. Without enough time, it turned out.

The Cowboys started at their 20 with 32 seconds left. Wilson hit CeeDee Lamb on a hook-and-ladder game in 20 yards, and Dalton Schultz won 9 yards before coming off the field with 14 seconds left.

Prescott started on a designed run and slipped at the end of a 17-yard run with about eight seconds left. Judge Ramon George bumped Prescott in an attempt to put the spotlight. The snap from San Francisco 24 came after the clock expired.

Dallas coach Mike McCarthy suggested that Prescott be slowed down by the collision with George and that a sideline official assure him that the game was reviewed.

“The communication that I got on the sidelines was that they went through it,” McCarthy said. “They should put the time back on the clock. And the next thing I know, they’re running off the track.”

Players from both teams streamed in on the pitch immediately after Prescott took the snap and nailed the ball, and many made a U-turn while the referees discussed the game. Then referee Alex Kemp announced that the game was over.

“It was like all day, that was it really,” Garoppolo said of the final sequence. “It was an air battle, a hell of an atmosphere out here. I mean, the fans were crazy. It was everything we thought it would be. It was fun.”

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Kemp said in a pool report that George was behind in the game at an appropriate distance and acted appropriately to get the ball spotted correctly. The referee must touch the ball before a new game can take place.

Kemp said the decision that the snap came after the clock expired was made on the court, not on a replay assist from New York.

“The referee simply spotted the ball properly,” Kemp said. “He collided with the players when he put the ball because he moved it to the right place.”

The 49ers were in control in the fourth quarter, but without leaning on the running game, they figured they could lead them to a win as Garoppolo threw an interception to Anthony Brown, who put Prescott’s 7-yard scoring.

Garoppolo’s mistake was not long after Prescott was picked out at Dallas 26 by K’Waun Williams, and Samuel ran untouched on a cut up midway through the final zone in the next game for a 23-7 lead.

San Francisco lost star-pass rusher Nick Bosa to a concussion just before the break when he was crushed in the head and neck area by teammate DJ Jones. But the 49ers kept enough pressure on Prescott and finished with five sacks while holding the NFL’s No. 1 offense to 307 yards.

“Boys just moving up in big key situations, that was really what it was all day,” Garoppolo said. “Early on, we got it rolling with the attack and defense all day long. We got some dogs on our defense, man. It’s fun.”

San Francisco scored on its first four possessions, but settled three times with field goals from Robbie Gould to help keep the Cowboys close.

Rookie Elijah Mitchell ran in 96 yards and the first point of the game on a 4-yard run. Samuel had 72 yards on 10 carries and three catchers on 38 yards.

As was the case most of the season, Dallas could not get going in the running game with Ezekiel Elliott. The two-time champion had 31 yards on 12 carries as the Cowboys were defeated 169-77 on the ground.

Prescott was 23 of 43 for 254 yards. Garoppolo, whose future with the 49ers beyond this season is uncertain with rookie Trey Lance awaiting his turn, was 16 of 25 for 172 yards.

Dallas was down 13-0 when Prescott threw a 20-yard touchdown pass to Amari Cooper. The Cowboys had the last possession of the first half and the opening of the second half to get closer and could not.

“The team should not have been in a position to turn the last game into something controversial,” Dallas owner Jerry Jones said. “I do not want to make it bigger than it is.”

The talk shows will do that for him.

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