Thu. May 26th, 2022

Mark Skaife

The identities behind the new Supercars owner RACE’s board of six people have now been confirmed.

Supercars has undergone a double leadership change, with Racing Australia Consolidated Enterprises Ltd acquiring 100 per cent ownership of the championship after buying the shares previously held by Archer Capital and the competing teams.

As part of that transition, Barclay Nettlefold has succeeded Peter Wiggs of Archer Capital as chairman of Supercars.

Now longtime CEO Shane Howard has been announced to step down as CEO and replace Sean Seamer.

Nettlefold will chair the RACE Board, which also includes six-time Bathurst 1000 winner Mark Skaife, Australian Racing Groups John McMellan and Barry Rogers, Henslow CEO Steve Macaw and Doma Group CEO Jure Domazet.

Henslow and Doma Group are among the investors involved in RACE.

“The board is set,” Nettlefold confirmed.

“We are also through [Teams Racing Charter]”There will be team inclusivity on the board, especially as it relates to the racing side of it and the daily technical aspects, where Mark Skaife will be very important to the board and oversee that side of it.”

Howard would not directly be a board member, but would rather be a “participant” as such.

However, the new CEO will remain on the Supercars Commission, which has been given responsibility for guiding the rules since 2011 and will be overseen by Skaife.

Neil Crompton remains President of the Commission.

“Each team will be represented as a team leader or a significant person in that organization to take care of the teams’ problems and the way it relates to Supercars,” Skaife said.

“We’ve talked a lot, we’ve worked very hard on that structure.

“Neil Crompton will continue to lead it. It’s clear Shane will stay there.

“Obviously now we have instead of selected team representation that will be complete team representation and it actually forms, essentially like a TRC, it forms their voice, it forms their method of interacting with Supercars on a daily basis.

“So from a sporting / technical perspective, it should have a much broader and greater degree of influence in relation to each team having an influence.”

Howard’s tenure as CEO begins Feb. 1.

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