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Queen and kate

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The insider tells New Idea exclusively that the queen, 95, asked to speak to Kate privately and personally requested that the Duchess of Cambridge would promise to wear the coronation suit when her husband, Prince William, is “crowned”.

Technically, the necklace and the pear-shaped earrings are owned by the crown, explains our royal insider, so they are not any monarch’s personal property in themselves, rather inherited through the generations.

“It is very dear to the Queen, who wore it at her own coronation, just as her mother, the Queen Mother, and her grandmother, Queen Mary, did when their husbands became king,” the source said. “The queen told Kate that it’s only true that she’s the next queen to wear them.”

This is confirmed by the royal author Philip Dampier New idea that “the Queen would have given her a special gift for her 40th, possibly something from her large collection”.

kate middleton

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The coronation set was commissioned by Queen Victoria in the 1850s, 20 years after her own coronation.

Friends say it’s a beautiful touch as Kate is a “big fan” of Victoria. The Victorian era was the inspiration for her birthday photography, and Kate’s bachelor thesis while studying at the University of St. Andrews, was focused on 19th century photography.

The portraits, taken in London’s Kew Gardens, will be part of the permanent collection at the National Portrait Gallery, which Kate is the patron of.

The man behind the lens, photographer Paolo Roversi, revealed that he encouraged a nervous Kate to dance an “accelerated waltz mixed with a pinch of rock ‘n’ roll” during filming. Kate’s three children and husband, Wills, helped select the last three photos.



Dampier also tells New idea: “These pictures show that Kate has an independence of thought and style and that she has come of age. The message of these… is to project her as a future Princess of Wales and eventually Queen. ”

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