Thu. May 26th, 2022

Two people are standing in front of a Christmas tree with food baskets nearby.

Caroline Chisholm Principal Jennifer Howard and Good Sheppard Community Church Community Development Coordinator Cheryl Turek have worked together to provide quarantine inhibitors to Canberrans.

It’s a situation no one wants to be in – but for many Canberrans, parts of 2021 were used in quarantine as a result of a COVID-19 exposure. For many families stuck in the home, kind actions helped them get through the difficult times.

One such act of kindness came from Caroline Chisholm School (CCS) and Good Shepherd Community Church (GSCC). Together, they have spent the second half of 2021 delivering quarantined food suitcases to Canberrans.

Since August 2021, 30 suitcases have been delivered to Canberra families. With Christmas just around the corner, more bullets will soon be thrown at the door of quarantined Canberrans.

“We have focused on a community approach to caring for our students and their families. We have had a number of members of the school community who have experienced financial difficulties or others who have been ill and unable to access food and resources due to need. for quarantine, ”explains CCS Principal Jennifer Howard.

“When Good Shepherd Community Church approached us with the idea of ​​helping quarantined families, we were more than happy to help.

“We are working on multiple partnerships with community groups to show our communities that the school is here to support them.”

When Lucy Montanez’s family ended up in quarantine for four weeks after a family member was hit by COVID-19, the inhibitors removed the stress by wondering how she was going to get food.

“I was so grateful to get the suitcase. Everything inside it we could use, it was incredible.”

GSCC continues to shop and pack for the inhibitors as a way to support families in their communities in a challenging time.

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