Mon. May 23rd, 2022

Victoria’s COVID-19 admissions are at 1,152, down from 1,229 reported Monday.

It comes as more key workers prepare to return to their jobs and the government extends isolation exemptions for close contacts from midnight tonight.

A further 22 deaths were recorded in the state.

Of the patients in the hospital, 127 are in intensive care, of which 43 receive ventilation.

There are now at least 235,035 active cases in the state.

The state has officially registered 20,180 new COVID-19 infections. The true number of new cases in society can be much higher due to a huge pressure on overwhelming test networks.

The new cases were reported from 8,433 PCR results and 11,747 home-fast antigen tests (RATs).

About 24 percent of Victorian adults have received three doses of a vaccine so far.

More on the way.

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