Sat. May 28th, 2022

York’s regional police are looking for a man who they say stole an $ 8,000 guitar from a music store north of Toronto last month by hiding it in his pants.

In a press release issued Wednesday, investigators said they were alerted to the alleged theft on Dec. 30 by a music store in Richmond Hill, located in the Leslie Street area south of Elgin Mills Road East.

According to investigators, an unknown man walked into the music store 10 days before the police report was filed and stole a guitar by hiding it in his pants.

The guitar, the Gibson Custom Shop 60th Anniversary ’59 Les Paul Standard electric guitar, is valued at approximately $ 8,000.

Police said the man then fled the area in a vehicle driven by another male suspect.

Pictures of both suspects have been released by police, as well as a surveillance video that appears to show one of the men in the music store playing the guitar before pushing it down his pants and covering the instrument’s body with his sweater.

The suspects are described by police as being white men in their 20s. The man who appeared to be hiding the guitar in his clothes was wearing “extremely large, baggy pants” at the time of the incident, police said.

A picture of the stolen guitar was also provided by police.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing and police are asking anyone with information to contact them or Crime Stoppers.



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