Thu. May 26th, 2022

A traveling cattle patterning has turned junk into stunning metal sculptures that pay homage to a famous outback lifestyle.

Claire Murphy’s camp drawing sculpture “Ben and Scrap”, which is life-size and weighs a total of 935 kg, is made from recycled scrap.

two metal sculptures of a pattern that rounds an ox in outback Queensland
Mrs. Murphy welded and shaped various parts to create detailed sculptures of the bull and the pattern.(Delivered by: Vida Images)

“My father taught me to weld as a child, and I have worked on cattle farms all my life,” said Mrs. Murphy.

“And my mother is an incredible artist, so that’s probably how I got the eye.”

A close-up of the sculpture of a snout of a bull
The attention to detail is a highlight of each piece, both of which are for sale.(Delivered by: Vida Images)
A close-up of the detail on a metal sculpture of tools and scrap steel that forms an ox.
Made from scrap steel and old tools, the sculptures took “a long time to make”.(Delivered by: Vida Images)

Using hundreds of old tools, trick parts, and agricultural equipment, Mrs. Murphy worked on the plant for two years on her property in Mount Isa before revealing it to the public this week.

“I sketched the horse on paper and blew it up in the air on a piece of flat steel plate, then I raise it up and put legs on it and make it 3D from there,” she said.

The bull's hoof welded together with metal scraps.
The bull’s hoof welded together with metal scraps.(Delivered by: Vida Images)

“I just go by feeling and eye and make a lot of measurements.”

As the images of the sculptures go viral overnight, the 33-year-old horse breeder and trainer hopes that the enthusiasm for her hobby will encourage her to make more pieces.

A woman rides on a metal sculpture of an ox
Ms Murphy on top of her scrap heap(Delivered by: Claire Murphy)

“I’ve had a lot of interest; I tried to keep it hidden for a long time, many of my family and friends wanted to take pictures of the sculpture for a long time, so I’m just glad it’s out now and people can enjoy it, “said Mrs. Murphy.

A woman in a colorful shirt stands next to two sculptures of an ox and a pattern on top of a horse made of scrap metal
Ms Murphy next to her creation.(Delivered by: Claire Murphy)


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