Mon. May 23rd, 2022

Christian Wakeford has become the latest Tory to cast a no-confidence vote against the Prime Minister after a series of Downing Street parties during the lockdown.

The Bury South MP branded the scandal as ’embarrassing’ in a series of condemning comments last week.

Boris Johnson has been accused of lying to the House of Commons by claiming he thought a “bring your own booze” garden party on May 20, 2020, was a work event.

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More than 20 Tory MPs elected in the 2019 election are expected to submit letters of no confidence to the prime minister, the Mirror reports.

A Tory MP was quoted as saying: “His time is up.”

Another said, “I think we did it … The whipping operation completely backfired. Colleagues now have a feeling they are not alone.”

Boris Johnson visits Finchley Memorial Hospital, an NHS community hospital, in north London

Wakeford became the seventh Tory MP to publicly announce that he had sent a letter of no confidence to the Prime Minister on Tuesday (January 18).

In a pointed message to Boris Johnson, he called for “openness, trust and honesty” in politics, and “it starts from the top.”

Bury South MP said on Twitter: “How do you defend the indefensible? You can not!

“It’s embarrassing, and worse, it erodes confidence in politics when it’s already low.

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“We need openness, trust and honesty in our politics now more than ever, and it starts from the top!”

Exactly 54 letters need to be submitted, and reports suggest that about half of that number had already been reached.

As another blow to Mr Johnson, Whitehall enforcer Sue Gray is expected to interview Dominic Cummings before presenting her findings at Downing Street parties.

A government source told the Mirror: “Sue wants the investigation to be as robust as possible. He will be interviewed when the investigation ends.”

In explosive allegations, Mr Cummings had claimed the prime minister was “waving aside” concerns about the rule-breaking assembly at the height of the lockdown.

He claimed he and “other eyewitnesses” would be willing to swear under oath that senior officials had warned that the event was against the rules.

During a broadcast interview, Mr Johnson claimed that “no one told me” that garden party # 10 was “against the rules”.

This was even though his own government was drafting the rules that millions of other Britons had followed at the time.

The Prime Minister, on a visit to a hospital in north London, repeatedly refused to rule out resigning if it turned out he had misled Parliament.

“Well, let’s see what the report says,” he said.


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