Wed. May 25th, 2022

A Philadelphia man shot and killed a man who tried to steal his car outside his house, according to reports.

The authorized gun owner fired at least once early Tuesday after seeing three men try to tow his car, possibly just to tear out its catalyst, police told the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The trio tried to escape in a gray Honda Accord, but it crashed into a school bus. Two of the thieves fled, but the third was pronounced dead after being taken to a local hospital, the report said.

The shooting victim was identified as Satario Natividad, 51, by grieving relatives, who demanded indictment of the gunman, who was questioned by homicide detectives.

“He did not have to come out and shoot him,” one of Natividad’s lifelong friends, Tanya Dunn, told the newspaper.

“It was a car! All he had to do was call the police.… You don’t shoot anyone out on the street over a car.”

When the trio tried to escape, they crashed the silver-colored Honda into a school bus.
When the trio tried to escape, they crashed the silver-colored Honda into a school bus.

Chief Inspector Frank Vanore said the investigation was led by murder detectives, but it was too early to make a decision on whether the shooting was justified.

A firearm was found in the crashed car along with tools and catalysts, police said, while police retracted an earlier statement that it had been a car hijacking.

Natividad’s widow, Sherell, was angry at the proposal and asked, “How could it be a car wreck when no one was in the car?”

The gun owner claims to have encountered the crew trying to rob his black Acura.
The gun owner reportedly shot at the trio as they tried to steal his car.

“They shot him. They killed him,” she told the local newspaper.

The fatal shooting came a few days after a 60-year-old grandfather allegedly shot a 16-year-old boy who drew a gun at him and fired several shots during an attempted car crash in the city.

The grandfather, Oliver Neal, was licensed to carry and was not charged with last Thursday’s shooting that left his teenager, who wanted to be a carjacker, hospitalized, the Inquirer said.


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