Sat. May 28th, 2022

Seminole High School began the dismissal process for the main campus in Sanford just before noon. 15 after a shooting episode that caused the school to be closed.

Earlier in the day, a student was shot inside the school and a suspect was arrested, authorities said. Investigators call this an isolated incident.

Just before noon on Wednesday, a school resource officer was informed that there was a weapon on the main campus and that shots had been fired. The victim was located near the back of campus in what is known as the Tomahawk Building. It was later determined that the victim had been shot three times.

Within minutes, the school was closed and security perimeters were established around the building, said Police Chief Cecil Smith in Sanford.

“This description of the suspect was released. He was identified as a black man, wearing a blue hoodie, a black mask with dreads – where half of his hair was blonde and half of his hair was black – and a possible name at the time was developed, “said Chief Smith.

Officers arrived at the scene and were told that the suspect was running towards a nearby apartment complex.

The victim, identified as 18-year-old student Jhavon McIntyre, was transported to Central Florida Regional Hospital while officers continued to search for evidence.

“Law enforcement located a nine millimeter in the bushes around the tennis court. At this point, we continue to search the buildings and make sure students were safe and that the school continued to remain closed,” Chief Smith added.

The suspect, identified as 16-year-old Da’raveius Smith, was arrested around 12.20 p.m.

“It was later determined that the suspect was the sole shooter and that other children seen running ran away from the incident for their own safety,” Smith said.

According to investigators, the shooting was prompted by a dispute between the suspect and the victim of “a young lady”.

“Currently, we have no information or information period that this is a gang-related situation. Zero! There is nothing to identify it,” Smith said.

Police said the victim suffered non-life-threatening injuries and they were able to quickly apprehend the suspect. All other students are safe, they added.

Video provided to FOX 35 shows authorities leading students out of school with their hands on each other’s shoulders.

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Parents arrived to pick up their children after hearing about the shooting.

“You hug them a little harder,” one father said of his son.

FOX 35’s Vicki Karr spoke to the victim’s grandparent and says he’s undergoing surgery.

“This incident that took place today is one that we are preparing for. We hope it never happens. We are grateful that there was no loss of human life,” Chief Smith said.

“We are grateful that the Sanford Police Department and the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office responded so quickly to ensure that our students are safe and that we have been able to reunite them with their families in a safe manner,” he said. Seminole County Schools Superintendent Serita Beamon. “School is moving forward tomorrow [Thursday] as normal. This was an isolated event and we want to make sure our advisors are there to support both our students and our staff. We look forward to getting to the bottom of how that could have happened. “

Smith now faces several charges, including a case of premeditated murder attempt, a case of possession of a firearm on school property, a case of firing a weapon or firearm discharge on school property, and a case of disturbing peace or disturbing the school’s administration functions.

Investigators are asking anyone with information about this case to contact the Sanford Police Department or call Crimeline at 800-423-TIPS (8477).

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