Mon. May 23rd, 2022

In an effort to combat rising inflation, cashback apps are ways customers can get some of their hard-earned money back.

Extreme Coupons and the creator of the Instagram account “Living on a Loonie”, Kathleen Cassidy, says that there are three main apps that people in Canada should use if they want to make money back on their purchases of groceries and household products.

“Checkout 51, Caddle and Eclipsa,” says Cassidy, who has built an online fan base of over 17,000 followers from his coupon names. “These are all apps that you can download to your smartphone, basically create an account and save money on your daily groceries and accessory products.”

Cassidy says apps are free to download and easy to use. After making a purchase, customers can add relevant products in the app to their account.

“Basically, what you do is you take a picture and upload your receipt, and the money gets credited to your account,” Cassidy explains. She adds that checks can be sent out when users have reached a minimum amount, usually $ 20.

For those who just want to start but do not want to be overwhelmed, Cassidy recommends Eclipsa, as items offered in the app are not brand specific, like peanut butter.


“It can be bought in any store and any brand, and again, just upload your receipt and you can get 25 cents cash back for all these everyday things.”

Cassidy says she started extreme coupons at university to save money. When she started at Checkout 51, she cashed a $ 40-50 refund check every few months.

“In Checkout 51, I’ve been saving over $ 3,000 for the last couple of years, and it’s just one app alone.”

Box 51

The PC Optimum program is another suggestion for those who are less technically savvy or without a smartphone. Shoppers bring a card that can be swiped at the President’s Choice locations at checkout, earning points that can be converted into cash back.

“I know a lot of people are a little hesitant because they think it’s a big effort, but once you add it to your daily shopping routine, it really just becomes a habit.”


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