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When Fortnite’s Island flipped into Chapter 3, all was well for a while until the Imagined Order announced their return. At first, it was just whispered rumors and talk on social media. Eventually, however, giant tunnels called Mole Drills began to break the island’s surface.

Currently, there are three IO Drill Sites on the island and two more have not yet arrived. With the threat of a full-scale invasion overhead, the time for action is now.

Imagined Order guards are great for target practice (Photo via Twitter / iFireMonkey)
Imagined Order guards are great for target practice (Photo via Twitter / iFireMonkey)

Loopers are tasked with seeking out and managing IO forces present on the island. Upon successful elimination of three IO guards, players will receive 25,000 experience points and the island will be a safer place again.

How to eliminate IO Forces in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

Despite their technological advances, IO guards remain relatively easy to defeat in battle. Here are the necessary steps to find and remove them:

  • IO forces can be found at IO Drill Sites located east of Sleepy Sound, east of Logjam Lumberyard and southeast of Greasy Gove.
  • Land at the edges of IO Drill Sites and find basic prey.
  • Once done, the IO guards engage, weapon flames.
  • Repeat the process one more time to complete the challenge.

Readers can watch this video for more information:

Why does Imagined Order scout the Flipside in Fortnite Chapter 3?

Here is a map of all #Fortnite IO Mole Teams and the number is the order in which each IO Drill must appear on the surface of The Island. If the exercises keep popping up every 5 days, the next one will be the top right exercise (Mole Team: Dash) in 4 days (Friday) 14.) at. 04:00 ET. …

Besides the fact that Doctor Slone wants revenge on Agent Jones, the bigger picture at stake here is The Seven. As long as they exist or are able to work together, they pose a threat to the organization.

If they succeed in taking over, the IO will lose control of the zero point and their ability to control the Omniverse. This can not be allowed to happen at any cost, which is why advanced scout parties have been sent to secure strategic positions on Fortnite Island.

The Imagined Order is coming back to the island! _ New IO Guard NPC was added to the files_ An “IO-Brute” boss with a Mythic Stinger SMG is coming soon_ Many challenges mention IO Equipment and Forces https: // t. co / DsdFhj83dQ

Once the last IO Drill team has completed their reconnaissance mission, Loopers can expect to see Elite IO guards on the island. Maybe Doctor Slone and Geno will also come on a personal visit to enjoy the sight and the sounds.

Aside from staff, a large base also needs to be set up on Fortnite’s Chapter 3 season 1 map. Unfortunately, the potential location of this base is still unknown. Hopefully, doctors and data miners will be able to figure something out quickly enough.

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