Thu. May 26th, 2022

New details emerge around alleged abuse of Calgary teacher Michael Gregory when another 20 former students filed court documents this week in which they said he used his position of power to mentally torture and abuse them.

  • WARNING: This story contains graphic details about the abuse of minors and may trigger some readers

The applications are part of a proposed $ 40 million class action lawsuit.

Former students claim that the class 9 teacher would wait until young girls in his class turned 14, and then repeatedly sexually pursue some of his most vulnerable targets.

Several affidavits from male and female students also say that Gregory claimed he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and showed them what appeared to be a prescription prescribing orgasms as treatment.

Gregory worked as a math, science and sports teacher for 20 years at John Ware Junior High in Calgary until he lost his job and his license was revoked in 2006 by the Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA) after it ruled that he had participated in “dangerous, degrading and disrespectful acts with his students.”

At the time, he admitted that he had “abused” children mentally and physically and pleaded guilty to misdemeanor.

In February 2021, Gregory committed suicide five days after he was charged with 17 sexual crimes against former students.

Dozens of students have come forward to report alleged assaults to police and attorneys in connection with the lawsuit against Gregory’s property and the Calgary Board of Education (CBE).

Both parties deny the allegations in defense statements filed in December last year. None of the charges have been proven in court.


Attorneys Jonathan Denis and Mathew Farrell first filed a claim against Gregory in November 2021, in which three plaintiffs were mentioned.

Farrell could not give an exact number of plaintiffs who have since emerged, but estimates it is “more than two dozen.”

He says the addition of more plaintiffs this week will speak volumes about Gregory’s guilt in court.

“We see a lot of people who are frustrated with CBE’s refusal to take responsibility, and more and more people who feel compelled to step forward and share their stories,” Farrell said.

“It’s important to reach out to deal with these issues because that kind of thing has happened and is still happening, and it takes a lot of people to come forward and acknowledge that it’s wrong for us to make a change.”

A trial hearing is now scheduled for Friday to set a timetable for how to proceed with the class action, evidence briefings and arguments over factual allegations.

Several affidavits have since been sent to CTV News, and although there is no ban on publishing the names of students, alleged victims have requested anonymity.


Alisha Riley attended John Ware Junior High from 1999 to 2001, describing her post-traumatic stress and the aftermath of her abuse at school as “the worst part of my life.”

Riley told CTV News that she lost her virginity in 8th grade, which was well known at the school. It was then, she says, that Gregory began to take an interest in her.

“He started giving passes to me, touching my hair and telling me how beautiful I looked, and then he asked to see me after class, this was where the care process really began,” Riley said.

“He picked me up and dropped me off all the time from school. Then it started to get like I was in love with him. I thought we were in love. “

Riley says Gregory eventually offered her “work experience” on his farm, which allegedly led to inappropriate sexual activities.

“I rolled up every single morning, I went out to his yard and we had sex out there. He would show me medical papers that if he did not ‘get off’, he would die,” she said.

“Other times at school, he called me up in front of the class, and he secretly touched me behind his desk.”

Riley adds that this experience forced her into a life of drug abuse, imprisonment and unhealthy conditions that prevented her from graduating from high school.

“I just pray that girls share this story, reach out and tell their parents, notice the signs if it happens to you, get help and report it,” she said.


Hans Dunn attended John Ware Junior High from 1996 to 1998, when Gregory was his outdoor teaching teacher.

Dunn notes in his statement that he was constantly ridiculed and punished by Gregory on several occasions.

In one case, Dunn says he was on a canoe trip on the Bow River when he and his friends had stranded their watercraft and started playing a game.

“My friends and I played the kind of game young teens do – we threw duck excrement one after the other,” he said. “Unfortunately for me, one of my throws landed in Gregory’s canoe.”

Hans Dunn, when he was a student at John Ware Junior High School in Calgary. Dunn is one of several students who have filed statements of abuse by former teacher Michael Gregory as part of a $ 40 million class action lawsuit against his property and CBE. (Courtesy of Hans Dunn)

Dunn said his teacher took great notice of the incident.

Gregory hurried over to me, picked me up physically and carried me over to a pile of cow dung. Then he rubbed my face into it, “he said.

“When I got home, I told my parents and they complained to the school. The school did nothing and therefore they lodged a complaint with the police. The police did nothing, but Gregory did. In short, I had lost all my friends and was ostracized. I was miserable. “

Dunn’s parents eventually pulled him out of John Ware School and placed him in the Catholic education system, where he remained until graduation.

“Even still, the stigma of my experiences with John Ware followed me, and it took years before I could even talk about the experiences,” he said.


Another statement from an alleged victim, referred to by the initials KG, said Gregory aggressively began pursuing her in Class 8, after which the situation progressed.

She says Gregory dumped a bucket of water on her in front of her classmates, who glued her shirt to her body.

“Then he took me to a storage closet where he kept some school branded clothes. He asked me to take them off and change into dry clothes,” KG said.

“He started turning around, then he stopped and saw me just take off my shirt and bare my naked breasts. As a ‘reward’ I have to keep the school clothes.”

KG noted that Gregory would soon regularly engage in sexual acts with her after school and pressure her into sexual activities, telling her that he was “dying of cancer” and that “his wife left him.”

KG also described situations where Gregory would bring her to his house and allegedly stun her.

“I think he gave me a sedative of some kind, because when I arrived at his house, I fell asleep on the couch. I remember on one occasion I woke up without clothes on and him on top of me ,” she said.

“I suffer from diagnosed depression and anxiety, and I am being treated by a psychologist. I have spent years of my life mourning my loss of innocence. ”


An alleged victim, who will be referred to with the initials CR, says Gregory would often make sexual comments about her body.

She said Gregory would encourage classmates to play the “pencil game” for lunch, in which female students were asked to place pencils under their breasts to see how many of them would stay there.

“It was a frequent occurrence for (Gregory) to dare women to do sexual acts by saying ‘you do not want to do that,'” CR said.

CR added that she would also accompany Gregory on a series of unapproved excursions, encouraging students to join him with what appear to be school permit forms.

“I was on a canoe trip when Gregory convinced a 9th grade girl to take off her clothes, bare her breasts and lay down in his canoe so others could not see,” the CW said.

“On another excursion, which was an outdoor training trip with at least one other teacher present, I saw Gregory come in and spend the night in the tent of one of my 14- to 15-year-old classmates. This gave rise to widespread rumors that the two had sex, which I now know is true. “

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