Wed. May 25th, 2022

Workers who were stopped from getting to their jobs on time have spoken of the ‘shocking’ traffic caused by the M1 closure, but residents living in the same area have not noticed any accumulation of motorists.

Nottinghamshire Police are investigating a crash involving two vans and a truck that happened on the southbound lane of the M1 between junctions 25 and 26am. 02.45 this morning (Thursday 20 January).

The motorway had been blocked in both directions just after 3am, but the northbound lane was reopened before rush hour this morning.

The southbound lane remains closed between the J26 for the A610 (Nottingham / Eastwood) and the J25 for the A52 Brian Clough Way (Nottingham / Derby), and officers have said it would remain in place most of the day.

And this created chaos for those trying to get to work in Nuthall, which is just off the J26.

Garming Cheung, 48, a pharmacist at the Singh Convenience Store pharmacy, said: “When I came in this morning, there were queues from the nearby petrol station to the M1, it was really shocking.

“I spoke to a taxi driver who picked up someone in Kimberley, and a usual five-minute ride took him up to half an hour, and in the end he could not complete it, so he had to cancel the ride he gave up.

“I live in Wollaton and I was only a little late, but it was harder to get from a stretch than usual, it was pretty busy.”

Natalie Bates, 19, an apprentice at the pharmacy in the Singh Convenience Store, said: “I live on J27 and getting to work usually takes me 15 minutes, but this morning it took me an hour.

“There was really bad traffic through Underwood and Watnall and I was crawling about 10km / h all the way.”

Singh grocery store and pharmacy in Nuthall
Singh grocery store and pharmacy in Nuthall

A 71-year-old retired truck driver from Bulwell, who did not want to be named, traveled to the Singh Convenience Store on his bike and said, “I came from Bulwell this morning and it was pretty bad.

“It’s pretty bad to get off the M1, but when you get here it’s not bad at all.

“A lot of people on the M1 are just looking for their destination, they don’t really know the roads if they have to get off.

“If someone traveled from Leeds to London today, for example, it would have been chaos.

“My son works for DHL and I told him about the closure, but he’s lucky he’s not out that way today.”

But not everyone has noticed the delays.

Jas Singh, 66, who is retired and lives in Nuthall, said: “It’s not really that bad around here, on the main road you usually get traffic in a queue when the M1 is closed, but this morning I have to say that I have “I did not notice it was that bad or anything.”

Adam Thompson, area support at Hickory’s Smokehouse in Nuthall, said: “We’ve only been open three months and it’s not something we normally see affect us.

“If it’s still closed later and people booking are late or staff members arrive late, we’ll fix it.”

An image of the currently closed M1 southbound lane between junctions 26 and 25, pictured looking north from junction 25
An image of the currently closed M1 southbound lane between junctions 26 and 25, pictured looking north from junction 25

Police are still investigating the incident and are urging anyone with information to report.

Nottinghamshire Police Chief Inspector Ashley Thornton said: “We urge drivers to try and avoid an alternative route and avoid the area while continuing to work and resolve this incident.

“The road is expected to remain blocked for some time and we would like to thank motorists for their patience.

“We would urge anyone who may have witnessed the incident or have any dashcam footage to contact 101 stating incident number 34 of January 20, 2022.”

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