Mon. May 23rd, 2022

Melburnians will soon have an extra transportation option to zip around the city. From 1 February, Melbourne will team up with Lime and Neuron Mobility to provide residents and tourists with 1,500 e-scooters to ride.

The rollout of e-scooters is part of a one-year trial that will place the vehicles in three city council areas: Melbourne, Yarra and Port Phillip. Should it prove to be successful, the trial may be extended.

The new low-emission e-scooters can run up to 20 km per hour and can be accessed via Lime and Neuron apps, in the same way as you can rent a Lime e-bike. The vehicles can be used on bike paths, common paths and low-speed roads, but not on footpaths – riders must also wear a helmet while driving and give way to pedestrians on common paths.

Two people cross the road outside NGV.  One rides a bicycle and the other rides an e-scooter.  Both people are wearing helmets.
Photo: Included / Lime

Melbourne Mayor Sally Capp said: “The process will provide yet another fun new way to get to your next meeting, meet people after work or explore our amazing city.”

“It will be exciting to see glimpses of neon orange and green on our streets, and we can not wait to see people safely running around.”

The Lime and Neuron e-scooters will start rolling out over Melbourne from 1 February.

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