Sat. May 21st, 2022

Original Final Fantasy VII looks great at 60FPS
Screenshot: FFVII

While your memories of the original Final Fantasy VII can be almost completely crazy, let’s not forget that in order to make the game look so great on older PCs, concessions had to be made. Like most parts of the game run at awful 15 frames per second.

It’s a chilling thing to have to sit through in 2022, but for PC users there is now a way around this thanks to a mod that boosts the entire game’s frame rate to 60 frames per second. From the upper world to meetings, it’s constant throughout, and if you think it’s only a minor change that will not make much of a difference to your enjoyment or appreciation of the game, think again.

Just so you can have a reference, here is a video of what the framerate looks like on the original release when you are involved in a match:

Chopping! The 18-minute video of Tsunamods below takes you through it all, shows comparisons between the old FPS number and the new one, as well as provides installation instructions. I entered the video to start at a specific time, but it really shows how smooth it all looks now:

It’s wild that a single change makes such a big difference to the look of the game! The buttery smoothness throughout, just makes the whole experience look much cleaner, and the creators are right in being so excited about it all.

To install the necessary files and try it yourself, you will find links to the required downloads in the description of the YouTube video. Note, however, that as things stand, it works best with the original 1998 version of the game; if you have the latest Steam release, you need some solutions to make the necessary animations work, which are best summarized in this comment.

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