Sat. May 21st, 2022

The whole premise of Yesterday is that the Beatles have been erased from existence. But for some viewers, the 2019 film went too far as it also cut Ana de Armas out of the world. Variety reports that two fans have filed a federal class action lawsuit against Universal Pictures, claiming they were cheated because Knives Out actress appeared in the trailer for the film, which she was edited completely out of. The lawsuit claims that the marketing for Yesterday was “false, misleading, and misleading,” accusing Universal of using de Armas’ “fame, charisma, and brilliance to promote the film.”

The famous stan account Ana de Armas Updates was quick to weigh in on the news of the trial, tweeting, “At least I’m not guilty this time.” So who is it? There are actually two plaintiffs: 38-year-old Conor Woulfe of Maryland and 44-year-old Peter Michael Rosza of California. They both paid $ 3.99 to watch Yesterday on Amazon Prime, but the lawsuit requires at least $ 5 million because it is being filed on behalf of everyone involved.

Originally, the Armas were to star in the film as Roxanne, a potential love interest for Yesterday lead Himesh Patel. Author Richard Curtis described the decision to Cinema Blend in 2019 as a “traumatic cut”, noting that her removal also meant taking a scene of Patel serenading her with George Harrison’s “Something”. In the end, writers felt that Roxanne distracted herself from the film’s main romance. So like Ben Affleck’s cardboard cut of the Armas, it had to go.

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