Sat. May 21st, 2022

BMW was taken for driving too fast

The powerful £ 100,000 car was seen driving at dangerous speeds near Bristol (Photo: SWNS)

A ‘ruthless’ supercar driver clocked ‘track speeds’ on a busy highway yesterday.

The top-of-the-range BMW i8 was seen driving at 142 miles per hour on the M5.

Police described the motorist as ‘selfish’ after a camera near Bristol spotted the speeding vehicle.

Avon and Somerset Police’s Roads Policing Unit tweeted: ‘Super car at track speeds on M5.

‘Drivers spotted at a speed of 142 mph today in Somerset and were stopped by officers near Bristol.

“This level of driving is both ruthless and selfish – it puts lives at risk.”

He was branded as ‘selfish nonsense’ by one commentator and another said police should ‘remove the car and smash it’.

BMW was taken for driving too fast

The BMW was seen driving 140 mph when it was pulled over by the police (Photo: ASProadSafety / SWNS)

Officers described the car as being at a ‘lethal speed’ and revealed that one in 25 motorists passing the speed camera that day violated the law.

Police shared a photo of the BMW on the highway at 12.18pm and another of it on the hard shoulder after it had been pulled over by officers.

A Twitter user wrote: ‘Shame the camera can not capture the moment they know they have been caught and will have to catch a bus in the future.’

A spokesman for Somerset and Avon police said: ‘A 33-year-old man from London has been summoned for this incident.’

According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, 202 people were killed in collisions with someone who exceeded the speed limit by 2020.

A further 1,368 people were seriously injured and 2,803 slightly injured and 115 people died when someone traveled too fast to the conditions.

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