Sat. May 21st, 2022

The controversial Melbourne business identity, Geoffrey Edelsten, has left no stone unturned in his will by his two most famous ex-wives, Gabi Grecko and Brynne Edelsten.

But according to Aging, Edelsten left $ 300,000 to his longtime friend, Lewi Karalis, and up to $ 100,000 to the Carlton Football Club Foundation and an equal amount to his former school, Mount Scopus Memorial College.

The flamboyant businessman also left his only child, Matthew Beard, only $ 50,000 plus $ 1,000 a year from 2017 until Edelsten’s death.

Gemstone son Matthew Beard.

Edelsten’s will states that he “did not provide” for his former wives Brynne and Gabi, having provided for “substantial and excessive support” for them during their marriages.

This news comes after the Gemstone Testament, made in September 2017, was tried this week.

Geoffrey Edelsten and then engaged to Gabi Grecko at the Melbourne Cup 2014. Photo: Jesse Marlow.

Gemstone, who died in Melbourne last June, aged 78, was famous for founding a chain of medical clinics and for once owning the Sydney Swans AFL Club.

He was known for his lavish lifestyle, which featured sports cars and large expenses for women despite debts of millions of dollars.

Aging has sought comments from Mr Beard, Mrs Gordon and Mrs Curtis / Grecko.

Source: Aging.

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