Mon. May 23rd, 2022

As Darwin’s mother Elizabeth Adamson prepares to send her son Jake to school in the midst of the Northern Territory’s Omicron wave, she knows there will be significant challenges ahead.

“I think we have to expect the kids to get it [COVID]said Mrs. Adamson.

“The biggest impact will probably be when teachers get it, and that could mean the classrooms have to close for a few days or a week.”

Since opening its borders in December, the number of coronavirus infections in the NT has been steadily rising, with a record 625 daily cases recorded last week.

Most cases have been in the Greater Darwin area.

Before returning to school on January 31, Ms. Adamson said she was reassured by the fact that her five-year-old son Jake had received his first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

But she said that if an outbreak resulted in the closure of her son’s school, distance learning would prove difficult.

“I actually have no sick leave left … so that would be challenging,” she said.

NT’s back-to-school plan

On Friday, the NT government announced its back-to-school plan, which it said was aimed at “keeping children safe and in school”.


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