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A mother who stabbed her “possessing” boyfriend in front of six small children shouted “f ** k him, I do not give off ** k” after being found guilty of murder.

Hannah Sindrey, 24, was jailed for life on Friday for killing Paul Fletcher, 31, on New Year’s Day last year.

She must serve at least 14 and a half years behind bars, reports Essex Live, after picking up a kitchen knife and stabbing her partner through the heart after a row.

The mother tried to put the murder of her friend Kelly Blackwell, but the 26-year-old was found not guilty in the trial.

When she was dragged screaming out of the dock at Basildon Crown Court when she was found guilty on Thursday, Sindrey shouted: “F ** k him. That’s what I’re thinking. F ** k him … I’m not giving up * * k, “when she was taken down.

Sindrey stabbed Fletcher after a New Year's day
Sindrey stabbed Fletcher after a New Year’s day

Sindrey of Rayleigh, Essex, stabbed deadly Mr. Fletcher in her apartment during a quarrel.

The trial had heard that Mr. Fletcher and Sindrey had been arguing all night, with Mr. Fletcher, who had taken cocaine, paranoid over his incorrect fear of Sindrey’s cheating.

The quarrel led to him confiscating both Sindrey and Blackwell’s phones, making the couple furious.

The argument went on, all the while Sindrey’s two children and Blackwell’s four children were in the apartment in a “hysterical” state. This led to a knife being made and reportedly being waved around.

A fight broke out, which Judge Samantha Leigh ruled was started by Ms Blackwell, prompting Sindrey to pick up a kitchen knife and stab Mr. Fletcher, 31, through the heart.

Mr. Fletcher collapsed on the floor in the hallway. The emergency services were called, but he died at home despite the best efforts of the ambulance staff, as he was declared dead around 01.00 on 1 January last year.

Witnesses who reported seeing Sindrey scream for help on the flat balcony with his blood on her hands saying “he has been stabbed”.

The trial saw bodycam footage from police officers participating, and also showed the two women in an extremely distressed state when they were checked into police custody.

The trial heard that the couple had quarreled all evening
The trial heard that the couple had quarreled all evening

The court previously heard from both Sindrey and Blackwell, where Blackwell claimed she heard Sindrey shout “you knew I would do it” after stabbing Mr. Fletcher as she waved the knife around the kitchen.

Sindrey was convicted of murder by a majority decision in the same court on Thursday, while Miss Blackwell, 26, was acquitted.

Sindrey and Blackwell – from Retort Close, Southend – had both denied responsibility and accused each other of killing the 31-year-old.

Police said Mr. Fletcher, known as Dod, was stabbed in the chest in the fracture that broke out.

Judge Samantha Leigh acknowledged that the relationship between Sindrey and Mr. Fletcher had been “toxic” and that he had been “possessive” – ​​including making threats against her while he was still in prison.

The judge said Mr Fletcher had received a 10cm wound from the stab wound which had pierced his heart.

She told Sindrey: “Paul Fletcher took Kelly Blackwell’s phone, she did not take this kindly and I’m glad she started the attack and she took the knife first.

“She gets very verbally aggressive and beats the deceased and you then got involved.

She stabbed her boyfriend after he confiscated her phone for fear she was cheating
She stabbed her boyfriend after he confiscated her phone for fear she was cheating

“I’m sure you had had enough of the behavior at the time and you lost your temper and you stabbed him once.

“In my opinion, from your actions until when you began to testify, you had convinced yourself that you had not stabbed him because you could not see what you had done, because even though the relationship was a bad one, beloved you him still.

“Whatever Mr Fletcher’s fault was, he was a father, he was a son and a valued member of that family, and his loss was very hard to take.

“His son born after his death will never know his parent.”

Sindrey had been pregnant with Mr Fletcher’s child at the time of the incident, and the court heard today that she gave birth to the child while in custody.

David Spens, mediating for Sindrey, said she had no intention of murdering Mr Fletcher and that she also suffered from a “lack of maturity” and unstable personality disorder and possibly post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) when he claimed she had some abuse as a child.

Destructive victim statements were read out in court by family members of Mr. Fletcher when his killer was convicted today.

Shelley Thomas, Mr Fletcher’s sister, had her statement read out in court by Christine Agnew QC, who is a prosecutor.

She said: “We are crushed and crushed and fighting for the loss. We are all trying to come to terms with it.

“He was trying to turn his life around and had so much to look forward to. He seemed different this time.

“He was going to be a father again, a practical father and build an unconditional bond that he had with his own father.

“Dod was a big part of our lives. His mother has had her whole world crashed around her, she’s broken. Dod was her youngest son.”

In another statement, Mr Fletcher’s son from a previous relationship said: “My father was fantastic, he was like my best friend.

“But I’ll never have that again.”

Sindrey received a life sentence of 14 and a half years in prison for murder, reduced to 13 years and 164 days to account for the time already spent in custody.

Judge Leigh also praised the Essex police’s handling of the case, describing the work performed by the officer in charge as “extraordinary”.

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