Wed. May 25th, 2022

Freddie told Varsity that his campaign was “about 50/50 serious / satire”Freddie Poser

Over 400 people have signed a Cambridge student signature collection to save Marble Arch Mound, a 25-foot-tall man-made hill in London.

University of Cambridge student Freddie Poser and his friend Alexander Bowen started the petition in response to the attraction closing down after just six months.

However, their campaign has been to no avail as work has begun on dismantling landmarks.

The mound has been described as “London’s worst tourist attraction”. Visitors have said they are “overwhelmed” and “bored” by it.

This led to the resignation of Westminster Council Deputy Mayor Melvyn Caplan after costs exceeded initial estimates. The Tory-led council review to “understand what went wrong and ensure it never happens again” described the sky-high cost of the scheme as “destructive” and “avoidable”. Workers’ council members described the project as “a disaster from start to finish”.

But the two young men who started the #SaveTheMound campaign disagree.

Freddie and Alexander told Evening standards that the petition is only “50 per cent tongue in cheek”.

told Freddie Varsity: “The campaign is about 50/50 serious / satire. The serious thing is that the mound cost 6 million pounds, and to use it for only 6 months compared to spending over 1 or more years are very different proposals. The mound got over 250,000 visitors, so people was go there, why close it now? ”

Poser continued: “The campaign is also a satire on NIMBY groups trying to defend clearly irrelevant ‘heritage assets’.” Located on the corner of Hyde Park and Oxford Street, the project cost a reported £ 6 million. The mound was built to “pull crowds and support the recovery in the West End,” according to a Westminster Council spokesman.

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