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Roku Players is a great solution if you want to stream movies and channels on your TV as they give you access to a lot of free and paid content.

With access to more than 4,000 channels, you can stream just about anything from Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video.

Roku also added support for HBO Max last December. But ever since the HBO Max app was launched on Roku, users have been complaining that the app freezes and crashes frequently.

Now users are complaining that the app is crashing after displaying the HBO logo and they are returning to the Roku home screen.


In response to a complaint, a Roku employee has stated that HBO Max is responsible for maintaining and developing the channel directly, and that is a problem on their part.

Since then, Roku users have been juggling Roku assistance and HBO customer support with no solution in sight.


The issue was reportedly resolved by an update to the HBO Max app a few months ago, but it seems that the update did not resolve the issue for everyone.

Users are now coming out on community forums and Twitter complaining that the HBO Max app is crashing again on their Roku devices.


I stream on a Roku box through my cable provider and the app does not allow me to start movies. It buffers and then completely shuts off the app.


If the HBO Max app crashes on your Roku device, here are some solutions that may be helpful:

– Try logging out of HBO on all devices, uninstalling the HBO Max app on your Roku, reinstalling the app and logging in again.
– Wait for the home screen page to load completely before browsing the HBO Max app.
– Search HBO Max content from Roku Search and play the movie from the results. The app asks who is watching and starts playing the movie without any problems.
– For those who experience crashes after watching the preview, you can watch the movie on another device for a while and continue from your Roku device. Playback resumes as intended.

It is interesting to note that many users who have reported the crash are sporting old Roku devices. Therefore, the problem may be due to the aging hardware, but it is only speculation.

In that case, it’s not HBO’s fault, as Roku basically allowed apps to run on systems that did not meet the minimum system requirements.

Or it could be entirely HBO’s fault, as many other platforms also have issues with the HBO Max app.

Whatever the case may be, users are more and more frustrated due to the lack of solution in the last 6 months. Many people have already canceled their subscription to HBO Max or are on the verge of doing so.

Does the HBO Max app work on your Roku device? Tell us in the comments below!

Update 1 (July 9)

Aside from troubleshooting, HBO is Max support suggests those affected must do as follows:

We have some steps that should help you here. You can try uninstalling HBO Max, but this time you need to turn off your Roku completely for at least two minutes before turning it on again and reinstalling the app? Please let us know if these issues still occur after.

Update 2 (July 13)

Uninstalling and reinstalling the app from Roku is the new solution that HBO Max Support suggests complainants should try. Here’s what they are say:

we are aware of this and have a solution you can try if it does not help to uninstall and reinstall HBO Max from the Roku Streaming Channels store.

Update 3 (July 14)

It seems that users of the Roku Express devices are experiencing the issue where pressing the back button in apps like Hulu leads them back to the home screen. Although the problem seems to be similar to the HBO Max app, it is unclear whether Roku is working on a solution or not.

I recently upgraded to the latest Roku Express, and it randomly started returning me to the home screen when I use the back button in several, if not all, of the apps I use regularly and most often in the Hulu app. This happened before and after the last update, but not when I first got it. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Update 4 (July 15)

HBO has now officially acknowledged the crash issues by saying the following:

Our team is aware of the crash problem that is happening on Roku. We are working on a fix and hope to have an update for everyone soon.

Update 5 (July 27)

According to a recent Bloomberg report, users, especially those with Roku devices, are quite dissatisfied with the HBO Max app due to issues like freezing, crashes and more. However, the AT & T-owned streaming service still needs to address these many more issues properly.

Update 6 (August 2)

HBO Max has now officially proposed the following solution as a solution:

Hi, we want to get rid of that crash error for you and get you back to Bill Maher! As a quick general solution, we recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the HBO Max app as well as restarting the device. Send us a DM if you want further help. Thanks! ^ SK

Update 7 (August 3)

The official HBO Max Help website indicates that the company has released a new update for Roku devices and advises users to download the latest software to resolve the issue. To check for an update:

We recently updated the HBO Max app. To update HBO Max, press the Home button on your Roku remote and then go to Settings> System> System Update> Check Now. (Source)

Update 8 (August 11)

HBO Max Support asks users to log out and restart the application on their Roku devices as a measure to resolve common issues. So we would suggest that you also give this a try if you have not already done so.

Hi, thanks for contacting our team about this. What do you see when you try to open HBO Max on your Roku devices? Did you succeed in logging out and restarting the app? Please inform us! (Source)

Update 9 (August 13)

HBO Max is reportedly working on developing a brand new application instead of just patching the various bugs and issues that plague the existing app. The new app will first go live for Roku users and PlayStation customers, according to a WarnerMedia boss.

This new application will reportedly be ready within the next 4 to 5 months. Therefore, users will have to deal with the various bugs until then if they are not fixed before the new app is ready.

Update 10 (August 16)

HBO Max Support suggests that users perform the following process to resolve the issue on Roku devices if they were unable to resolve it through the official troubleshooting steps:

One last thing we would like you to try is to reset your network (router and modem). If it does not work, send us a DM so we can gather more information from you. Thanks. (Source)

Update 11 (August 19)

A section of Hulu users on Roku has faced a problem where they runs into a bug when launching the Hulu app on Roku. Now it turns out that Hulu is in the moment examines this issue.

Update 12 (August 21)

One of our readers has confirmed – in the comments section below – that performing the following steps did the trick for them:

Finally, before I canceled my subscription, I tried to log out by deleting the app, went to browser logout of all devices, RESET my password, on my device was reset to factory settings (not sure if necessary), which finally worked for me

Therefore, you may want to try these steps to see if they work for you. Thanks for the heads up, Eri Arellano!

Update 13 (August 24)

ACTUAL 14:13: Well, months later and still Hulu users on Roku are still facing issues with the app as it reportedly cannot open.

The Hulu app on my Roku continues to close. Can’t open it at all. Sometimes I can click on which profile I use, then it just takes me back to the Roku home screen. Has uninstalled and reinstalled several times. Reset Roku several times as well

In response to these reports, Hulu says there are still no timelines for when this issue will be resolved.

We do not have an ETA to share for a fix, but rest assured we are working on this with high priority. Thank you for joining!

Thus, the waiting time continues. We will continue to keep an eye on this and update when and when we receive new information, so stay tuned.

Update 14 (August 31)

ER 16:30: In a recent response to a user’s complaint on Twitter, HBO Support claimed that the company is working to make the HBO Max experience on Roku the best. Therefore, it is possible that we may see the new app sooner rather than later.

I can share with you that our team is working really hard to make the HBO Max experience at Roku the best. We hope to have an update for you very soon! (Source)

Update 15 (September 2)

ACTUAL 16:32: While the HBO Max app remains a mess on most platforms, the company has reportedly released a new app for Vizio SmartCast TVs. Therefore, users with supported Vizio TVs should no longer use the cast feature to watch content on their TVs.

Update 16 (September 24)

ACTUALLY 12:32: Reports from HBO Max users on Roku now indicate that the app seems to be working well after the update to version 50.45.

hbo max on roku

Update 17 (October 7)

ACTUAL 16:39: HBO Max’s support team responded to a user’s complaint regarding the app experience on Roku by stating that the app has downloaded a new update that should improve the user experience on the platform.

Hi, We’ve released an update for Roku that aims to enhance your HBO Max experience. Please update your app and tell us how it works for you. (Source)

Update 18 (December 6)

ACTUAL 16:57: New reports continue to pour into community forums with claims that the app is crashing or apps will not play.

This indicates that Roku has still not resolved the issue completely and there is no ETA on when we can expect the issue to be resolved.

Update 19 (January 18)

ACTUAL 15:48: Here is a solution for those who still have issues where the app crashes while watching program on the HBO Max app.

HBO-Max programs-will not solve the problem

Update 20 (January 20)

ACTUALLY 10:00: Earlier today, many HBO Max subscribers took to social platforms like Twitter to report that they were unable to use the app on Roku devices.

Omg why does the @hbomax app never work?!?! (Source)

If @hbomax did not have the herky jerky ass app, they would wash Netflix. At me (Source)

Your app does not work, does not get past the home page. (Source)

However, it seems that the problem may have arisen due to a major problem with the service. Roku support confirmed that they are aware of a service disruption and worked to correct it.

Now the company’s support confirmed that the disruption had been resolved.

We believe that the service interruption from earlier tonight has now been resolved. Thank you for your patience. (Source)

Therefore, HBO Max users along with other Roku users in general should no longer have problems with media playback.

Update 21 (January 21)

ACTUAL 16:21: Here’s another solution to the HBO Max app that crashes shared by a Roku employee. So those who still have this problem can try and see if it helps.

We would recommend the following, specifically in this order:

– Log out of the HBO Max channel
– Removing the channel from your home screen
– Restart the Roku device
– Add the channel back to your device
– Re-authenticate the channel with your credentials (Source)

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