Thu. May 26th, 2022

People in a Beijing district with about 2 million inhabitants have been ordered to undergo a mass test of coronavirus after a series of infections as China tightened anti-disease control ahead of the Winter Olympics.

The government has told people in areas of the Chinese capital, who are considered at high risk of infection, not to leave the city after 25 cases were found in Fengtai district and 14 elsewhere.

The ruling Communist Party is stepping up enforcement of its “zero tolerance” strategy, which aims to isolate any infected person, while Beijing prepares to open the Winter Games on February 4 under intensive anti-virus control.

Increased antivirus measures

On Sunday, Fengtai residents lined up on snow-covered sidewalks in frosty weather for testing.

Beijing mass test lines
Beijing officials say they must take “the most resolute, determined and rigorous measures to block the chain of infection epidemic”.(AP: Andy Wong)

The Chinese capital must “take the most resolute, determined and strict measures to block the chain of infection,” a city government spokesman, Xu Hejian, told a news conference.

Nationwide, 56 new confirmed infections were reported within 24 hours to midnight Saturday.

The National Health Commission said 37 are believed to have been acquired abroad.

China has reported 4,636 deaths out of 105,603 confirmed cases and seven suspected cases since the pandemic began.

Two female volunteers wearing face masks chat with each other at an information booth.
The Olympics are held under strict control designed to isolate athletes, journalists and officials.(AP: Andy Wong)

The Olympics are held under strict control, aimed at isolating athletes, journalists and officials from the outside world.

Athletes are required to be vaccinated or undergo a quarantine upon arrival in China.

Other outbreaks led the government to impose travel bans on the major cities of Xi’an and Tianjin.



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