Sat. May 28th, 2022

A woman’s smoking Facebook post after sending her husband Clive to buy a lamb shank in Tesco has been the talk of Ramsbottom.

Rozalia Linder said she was “absolutely desperate” after discovering the price her husband Clive paid for the lamb, which quickly went viral with likes and shares on Saturday night and became known as “Lambgate” on Ramsbottom forums.

The whole community was gripped by what was to happen after Clive’s wife left the post smoking for £ 30 for a lamb chop he brought back from their local Tesco supermarket.

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When Rozalia posted a picture of the whole lamb year on the public What’s On in the Ramsbottom forum, Rozalia said: “I sent Clive to Tesco for a piece of lamb … £ 30.86p !!! …

“Absolutely desperate about the price !! He questioned the price and accepted the answer and paid … but I am not prepared to pay this !!

“Some families do not even have £ 30 a week to feed their children …. Something needs to be done …. I will take this item back to Tesco tomorrow and ask for my money back !!!!!!”

Many repeated her comments that the price of lamb is getting very expensive these days, although many quickly saw the funny side of the situation and considered whether poor Clive was now in the dog’s house to buy.

The Facebook post has been mentioned by Ramsbottom

Many commented that it was not Tesco’s fault and that Clive was not “held hostage” for paying the price, to which Rozalia so jokingly replied: “I have held him hostage … and he is being tortured while I write. “

Soon, local businesses came in with offers of support for Clive, while a resident set up a “CliveAid” gofundme page.

The Old Cobblers Inn wrote: “This post is for Clive, if you’re in the group, what’s going on in Ramsbottom, you will understand it. Clive came back in the good graces and look in for a cut cheaper than the £ 30 lamb shank and served all day.”

The red lion at Hawkshaw wrote: “You’ll probably agree that Clive deserves a free Sunday roast, so Clive! Bring your receipt for the lamb and we’ll give you and your other half a free roast #saveclive”.

The ghosts quickly came in, and some suggested that Ramsbottom should now be renamed Lambsbottom in Clive’s honor.

Ramsbottom is famous for the urn … and now Clive

Bill Higham joked, “I do not know why Clive is being paralyzed.”

Ben Price added: “I know how you feel. Bought some venison the other day, it was dead dear too.”

“Clive is okay,” said another.

Graeme Shepherd said, “I bet Clive’s feeling a little sheepish right now …”

Adam Bracegirdle wrote: “Ramsbottom was famous for the urn, the steam train and now Clive”.

Anthony Pye said, “I think we should take that poor Clive for a Sunday drink, since he has no chance of a Sunday roast.”

On the more serious side of the debate, people had plenty to say about the staggering price increases over the past year, and the struggles that many now face that Rozalia insisted on was the point she was trying to make.

Louise Ashworth Emmett said: “Seriously? You can get almost a week of shopping at Aldi for it? It’s so expensive.”

Alex Kyoto Brown said, “The cost of living is rising. It’s not that poor Clive’s fault.”

And while CliveAid was originally a joke, it has now been set up as a real gofundme to help all those struggling with the cost of food in the Ramsbottom area.

Resident Cat Gillet wrote: “Since it has been widely shared tonight that the price of food is ridiculous at the moment, I have set up a real CliveAid go-finance me for donations to Ramsbottom Pantry (local food bank).

“Let’s do something positive for our community.”

Ramsbottom’s agricultural community also had a lot to say about the issues surrounding meat prices – and tried to explain why lamb is so expensive – and that people can expect further increases this year.

Alex Barbour wrote: “I would encourage you to breed your own sheep and you will find that the price you paid is actually more than reasonable.

“£ 30 for a lamb year 4 years ago would be too much, but now, with the current inflation, you should not be surprised if the same lamb year is priced at £ 40 at the end of the year.”

Rick Hartley added: “Think about how much the farmer actually sees! If you want a whole piece of lamb, except that prices have gone up for a number of reasons, if you did not want a full leg, maybe explain yourself better. for your partner next time. “

Kyle Connolly added: “Sorry, but the price of lamb feed is £ 300 + per tonne. How can people expect us farmers to pay this and not get more money for our lambs. The profit margin is so small in agriculture and people are crying for use 30 £ a piece of lamb.

“Just think of the 24 hours a day that farmers put in slack time. Some people need to realize how much goes into it with so little in return.”

In comments to her original post, Rozalia insisted she was still planning to return the lamb chop to Tesco on Sunday to complain about the price – and residents are now on the edge of their seats waiting for the next part of the drama.

Dave Brown wrote: “Whatever happens today, this has encouraged me no end, long live lambgate.”

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