Sat. May 21st, 2022

The woman who killed the schoolgirl Emily Jones after cutting her throat into a park could have her sentenced reduced.

Eltiona Skana received a life sentence of at least ten years and eight months, as well as a hospital order dictating that she will not be sent to prison until she is considered fit by doctors.

The 31-year-old pleaded guilty to manslaughter using less responsibility after fatally stabbing his 7-year-old victim over the neck in Queens Park, Bolton, on March 22, 2020, reports the Manchester Evening News.

A court heard how Skana – who suffers from severe paranoid schizophrenia – was lurking on a bench when Emily drove past on her scooter, after which she suddenly grabbed the young man and attacked her with a craft knife she had bought earlier in the day. .

Now, after being granted permission to appeal in August last year, Skana will have the opportunity to take its case to the Court of Appeal on 2 February.

Judge Mr. Justice Wall told her she would be detained in a safe hospital until it ‘is no longer necessary’ and that if she was ever released from the hospital, she would go straight to jail to serve her sentence.

Emily Jones was only seven years old when she was killed.
Emily Jones was only seven years old when she was killed.

In a statement from the victim, read in court, Emily’s father, Mark Jones, described his daughter as a ‘friendly child’ who was ‘bright and funny’.

He added: “Emily was a vulnerable child full of innocence and wonder, she had just begun on her life path and her future was shortened.

“Our future is also taken away. How can we enjoy life when the best of it has been taken away?”

Skana pleaded guilty to manslaughter but was found not guilty of murdering Emily after prosecutors dropped the charge.

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