Sat. May 21st, 2022

ONE Gold Coast family have got the scare of their lives after finding a great one snake under their cot.

The parents had put their three-year-old boy to bed for an afternoon nap on Tuesday when they saw the tail of the coastal carpet sticking out from under the bed.

Aaron Yashin of Yashin’s Wildlife Relocation responded to the call from the distressed parents and identified the snake as a coastal carpet python.

The normally docile carpet python hit the snake catcher as he tried to remove it from the child’s room. (Included)

“They were quite startled, as anyone would be finding a snake under their children’s bed,” said Mr. Yashin.

“It’s lucky it’s not a poisonous snake, but given its size, it can do significant harm to a small child. They usually have long teeth.”

Carpet pythons have sharp teeth that can cause severe bleeding and tendon damage. (Nine)

Mr. Yashin said, though unlikely, the snake could have found a way to strangle the young boy if it had slipped around his neck.

He added that the normally docile pythons can still pose a threat to humans.

When he tried to grab the python under the bed, it struck out and bit him in the hand.

The snake was found under the toddler’s cot. (Included)

“They are usually quite docile, but in this case it was agitated and I was bitten. It is usually from a fear reaction, a defense mechanism rather than aggression.

“I have been bitten by several and have been bitten several times. It causes a lot of bleeding and in a child it can be much worse.

“A large carpet python bite can require surgery for a person, ranging from stitches to tendon injuries.”

Mr. Yashin was bitten while trying to remove the snake. (Included)

Mr Yashin removed the hose and moved it to nearby wetlands.

He said an increasing number of snakes had been spotted in Queensland homes, with heavy rainfall also bringing snakes indoors.

“It’s a very busy time of year and we’ve just entered the snake season,” Yashin said.

He advised families and residents to keep their yards tidy and avoid storing large objects that could provide shelter for snakes

He added bird seeds and food that remained lying down could attract mice and subsequent snakes.

“It’s mostly just trying not to let things lie around your property that snakes can hide under,” Mr Yashin said.

“If you see one, call the hose catcher or someone who can remove it safely.

Snake West Richmond Adelaide

Snake tries to escape discovery in an old wicker basket

“They don’t bite often, but if they do, it can be serious.”

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