Thu. May 26th, 2022

A street dealer was rumbled after his father was forced to make a ‘heart-wrenching’ admission to police

Officers raided Mohin Ahmed’s parents’ home in Aston and found cocaine and MDMA stashed in a sofa as well as large sums of cash in the bedroom.

While they could plausibly explain the money the 26-year-old’s father later had to tell them that the drugs belonged to his son.

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Ahmed initially lied saying the substances were merely for his personal use, claiming he bought them in bulk because of the Covid-19 lockdown and that he had scales to measure out his daily doses.

But he was exposed as a dealer when phones seized at the address were found to contain incriminating messages including customers asking ‘you active?’.

Ahmed, of Roland Road, Lozells, admitted two charges of possession with intent to supply Class A drugs and one offense of offering to supply. At Birmingham Crown Court on Tuesday, January 11, he was jailed for 30 months.

Mohin Ahmed
Mohin Ahmed

Police executed a firearms search at the Aston property on March 31 in 2020 but the BB gun they found in the garage was legal. They then came across the cash and drugs elsewhere.

Prosecutor Matthew Brook said: “At that stage the parents were interviewed and gave an explanation for the money. The defendant’s father told police his son had confessed to him the drugs in the living room belonged to him.”

MDMA with a street value of £ 2,260 and cocaine worth £ 970 was recovered from a storage space underneath the sofa. When Ahmed’s phones were examined officers found messages such as ‘I need to buy some cocaine’ and ‘good quality cocaine for sale’.

William Douglas-Jones, defending, stated Ahmed made a ‘foolish’ decision not to accept his full culpability when police first interviewed him but added he had made full admissions to the charges at the first opportunity.

He described him as a ‘hard-working’ man from a ‘respectful family’ who started dealing to repay a drug debt but had sought to change his ways in the period since his arrest.

Judge Francis Laird QC, passing sentence, said: “Your father, to his credit, informed police that he had asked you about the drugs and you had acknowledged to him the drugs belonged to you.

“That must have been an extremely difficult and heart-wrenching thing to do for any father.”

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