Sat. May 21st, 2022

Here are today’s Ottawa Sun letters to the editor.

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Re: Burgled bakery’s fortunes rising; PM, mayor visits Brown Loaf after robberies, Jan. 22

No doubt our esteemed PM showed up at the Brown Loaf Bakery because his advisers deemed it to be a good photo-op and, like our mayor, he rarely misses that type of opportunity.

However, it is not only the Brown Loaf Bakery that has suffered during this pandemic; it is the policies of Trudeau’s government as well as Queen’s Park that have basically robbed small businesses of their livelihoods with their truly draconian policies regarding COVID.

Perhaps Justin and his cronies could enact tougher legislation when it comes to robberies and other serious crimes so people like the owner of Brown Loaf do not have to experience such trauma in their hard-working lives.


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(Tough on crime legislation rarely works.)


Canada primarily enjoys what is known as a free market economy. Without using a lot of economic jargon and boring the heck out of you, it simply means prices are determined based on demand. However, the government controls almost everything we consume or utilize. Want proof? There are rent controls. Coincidentally, we have a shortage of rental units. Price or tariff controls exist on almost everything we consume. For most people, the costs of goods and services are almost unattainable.

Whether it’s controls, price setting or tariffs, all levels of government will tell you it’s all done to protect the consumer or the farmers or the providers of certain types of services. No, what we really have is a totally protectionist economy. Consider this: How come you can travel 60 miles or so into the United States and purchase Canadian refined gas at somewhere approaching half of what we pay here in Canada? What about dairy products? A third of the cost charged in Canada!


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What most consumers do not realize is they are the ultimate controller of prices. Not the government, not the producers and certainly not the manufacturers. Look, if consumers thought the price of an item was too high and decided to boycott it, how long would it take for the manufacturer to lower the price?



(Thanks for the economics lesson.)


I feel strongly that the Ontario government is unfairly punishing everyone and every business because of the few who just will not follow the rules. Before the latest lockdown, as far as I know not one outbreak of COVID had been traced back to a restaurant, yet they’re all closed up. All the business owners, staff and customers have to suffer the consequences of those who will not get vaccinated.


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Here in the Ottawa area, the other day we had eight people in the ICU out of 594 in Ontario, yet we suffer the same consequences. It’s time the local politicians stood up and did something other than collect their salaries when others are out of work.



(But, remember, we’re all in this together.)


This morning (last Friday) in Deep River, it was -35 C. According to the IESO website, at 8 am Ontario’s power demand was 20,085 MW, of which 582 MW (less than three per cent) was supplied by wind and one MW supplied by solar.

Good thing we spent all those billions on “green energy,” huh?

Not like we could have used that money on something else. Like, um… hospitals?



(But it’s an investment in the future.)



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